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Prince Charles, 73, Will Assume The Throne Upon Death Of Queen Elizabeth II


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Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96, on 8 September, Thursday. She is considered to be Britain’s Longest- Serving member of the monarch.

As Queen Elizabeth II Breathes Her Last, Prince Charles, 73, Will Ascend To the Throne

It is stated that with the queen’s death, her eldest son Prince Charles III, 73 will be the king. The queen took peaceful death at Balmore Castle, Which is one of her favorite residences. The figure of pride had faded away on Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth II ruled for 70 years, she ascend the throne in 1952. The Queen took her last breath at the royal family’s Balmoral Castel in Scotland.

And she was under medical supervision there from September afternoon. Her health condition became Worst and she took her last breath at Balmoral. Queen’s Funeral will take place after 10 days after death and the queen’s body is transferred to Holyrood in Edinburgh.

Immediately after the death of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles made an announcement of his mother’s death and also he will ascend the throne after her mother, and his wife  Camila, the queen’s consort.

Queen’s death made disappointed all family members and the world. Even though, the death was due to age-related issues she passed away unexpectedly.

As Queen Elizabeth II Breathes Her Last, Prince Charles, 73, Will Ascend To the Throne

The Coronation will be taking place after several months. The Queen had died in Balmore castle in Scotland and the process  ‘’Operation Unicorn’ was put forward ‘’ by the council.

The death of the queen and his son will ascend the throne became shocking news all around the world. Queen Elizabeth II gave the shape of modern Britain which was built and the country shinned in the glory of her reign.

Queen Elizabeth ruled Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other territories. Elizabeth was a courageous queen and she had her own vision and ideas. Prince Charles is preparing for his throne.

Charles will lead the head of the UK and countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other 14 countries. Charles earned a  university degree from Cambridge University Trinity College, and he was the first generation who didn’t educate at the home.

Charles is considered to be a figure of pride and allegiance.

Queen Elizabeth ascends the throne in1952 at the time Charles was only 3 years old. Prince Charles became the Prince Of Wales at 20 year old.

Prince Charles will be known in name as King Charles III. Charles will be the oldest old king to attain the throne. Queen Elizabeth became the queen at her 25 years.

After Charles, Prince William will be the next heir to attain the throne. Even though Charles’s image in the public eye makes a mess and not a good one after their divorce from Princess Diana in 1992 and his extramarital affair with Camilla. Diana gained popularity through her charity purposes and generosity.

She became the favorite of the British public and they admired her greatly. She passed away in 1997. Charles married Camella in 2005, and now she became the queen consort, as Queen Elizabeth II allowed her to be.

Queen Elizabeth attained the throne after her father King George VI  and she witnessed the post world war. Her reign consists of,  15 prime ministers including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Borris Johnson, and Liz Truss. Britain is observing 10 days of the morning in the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The Coronation can be expected to happen anytime in Westminster Abbey, Ministered by the Archbishop Of Canterbury and religious leader of the Anglican Church.

King Charles is in great grief in his mother’s death and it is considered to be a major loss in the royal family also all over the world. Many countries are observing in the morning of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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The Queen tested Covid -19 positive and she was not well since February and it ended up in death. Queen Elizabeth was a figure of kindness and warmth.

Elizabeth bought many political changes including the decolonization of Africa and the United Kingdom’s accession to European countriEuropean Union. Britain is in greatest sadness in the death of their beloved Queen Elizabeth. Charles becomes the king and the moment had came.

Charles had his own vision of the modernization of Britain. And we can expect that he will make his own ideas and decision about this.

Queen Elizabeth witnessed many changes in Britain and made her own signature to it. Britain’s future is in King Charles’s hands, and we can expect that he would be a successful ruler like his mother. 

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