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Piers Morgan Slams Trans Activist As Macy Gray Says ‘Changing Parts Doesn’t Make You Women’


As a result of her transphobic statements on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Macy Gray has received an outpouring of negative feedback from fans.

Macy Gray Criticize For ‘Transphobic’ Remark On The Piers Morgan Show

Singing about women changing their bodies “doesn’t make you a lady,” 54-year-old singer Whitney Houston said on Morgan’s show on Monday (4 July).

Is that what you’re saying?” Morgan inquired.

Gray said: “I know that for a fact.”

He told Morgan that he supported transgender rights, but not when “you have people born to evident physical superior bodies, transforming and thrashing the women in sports.” Gray’s response came after Morgan had started a talk about “the issue of transgenders in sports.”

Piers Morgan Slams Trans Activist As Macy Gray Says 'Changing Parts Doesn't Make You Women'

While Bette Midler was being criticized for her views on the use of the word “women”—claiming that women ‘are being deprived of our rights over our bodies, our lives, and even our name’—Hocus Pocus star Mary-Kate Olsen was also being criticized for her views on the word “woman.” There is now a “period now basically when most prominent personalities are too scared to even state what they think a woman is,” Morgan, 57, said to Gray, 54.

As Mac Gray agreed, Morgan brought up the issue of transgender athletes competing in sports, saying that while he “supports all-trans rights to fairness and equality,” he does not support trans women “thrashing the women at their sport,” when they are “born to obviously superior physical bodies.” Morgan.

“I fully agree,” Gray responded. Everyone may kill me for saying it, but as a woman, just because you go and change your [body] parts, does not make you a woman.

‘Right. What do you think about the sensation?’ In Piers Morgan‘s mind, the singer continued: ‘I know it for a fact. As long as it’s what you want, I’ll refer to you as a “her,” but that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you a “her.”

“Women go through absolutely distinct experiences and surgery or finding yourself doesn’t change that,” the artist emphasized in her statement.

Macy Gray Taking Break From Her Show

Gray’s appearance on Morgan’s show comes just days after news broke that the host will be taking a month’s break from the show later this summer since the show isn’t drawing in the same number of viewers it did when it originally debuted.

During his first interview with former US President Donald Trump on Fox Nation in the US, the former Good Morning Britain host averaged more than 300,000 viewers.

But since then, the audience has shrunk to just 30,000 watchers per show.

A pre-scheduled vacation and production commitments for a true-crime documentary series mean that the host won’t be on the channel for around four weeks at the end of the summer, according to reports.


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