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Olivia O’Brien Affirmed Rumours With Pete Davidson Are True


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One of her fellow American singers, Olivia O’Brien, has alleged that they went together in 2020 and that Pete Davidson broke things up with her by text message.

On June 29th, the podcast aired an episode of “BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry,” revealing the information. An interviewer allegedly asked Olivia about “what’s going on” between her and Pete during that episode.

Although this all happened “a long time ago,” Olivia still believes him to be a “nice guy,” so bear that in mind. When she considered what drew her to the 28-year-old comic, she came up with a list of qualities. He’s a kind guy who gives significant consideration to others.

Olivia O’Brien Affirmed Rumours With Pete Davidson Are True

Olivia O'Brien Affirmed Rumours With Pete Davidson Are True

Both Pete and Phoebe were secretive about their connection. On a grassy hill in Phoebe’s native nation of the United Kingdom in April 2021, they unwittingly announced their romance by hugging and walking.

However, in August 2021, a source stated that the pair had split up after attending their first public event together at Wimbledon. At Wimbledon, they made their first public outing together.

Over the last several months, Pete has moved on to a new romance with Kim Kardashian. As far as they can tell, Olivia wants to get on with it.

Olivia O’Brien’s Recent News Shows That She And Pete Davidson Were Formerly Romantically Involved

Olivia O’Brien was tested on Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry’s BFFs podcast, which aired on June 29th. Dave Portnoy, the host, asked her about “what was going on” between her and the former Saturday Night Live cast member. 

After that, Dave read an unsubstantiated and anonymous remark on the celebrity snooping website DeuxMoi. Made claims that Pete had a connection with Olivia O’Brien before dating Phoebe Dynevor in a submission.

“They have it on good authority that Pete and phoebe are, in fact, an item,” according to the story on DeuxMoi. In front of Phoebe, he ended things with the B-list pop singer and influencer he had seen previously.

Is There Any Other Explanation?

Although Olivia O’Brien indicated that she didn’t think “anyone knew about it,” she added that the event occurred in October 2020.

“Where did you acquire that information?” Olivia was the one who enquired. Afterward, Dave read an anonymous and unsubstantiated comment from an unknown source on a celebrity gossip website. According to the submission, Pete was dating ‘Bridgerton’ actress Phoebe Dynevor before he started seeing Olivia. After never hearing of Pete or Olivia, David was startled to learn about their names.

Is it the case, or is there any other explanation? Although Olivia indicated that she didn’t think “anyone knew about it,” she added that the event occurred in October 2020.

During their time together, she claimed that Pete ended things with her because he told her, “I’m seeing someone else,” which she took to mean that he broke up with her before they started dating. She was alluding to Pete’s newfound interest in Phoebe. In other words, I’m unable to do so.”

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