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Ohio Daughter, 22, Says Ex Who Has Shot By Her Dad


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Rayl used to date Duckro’s 22-year-old daughter, but they broke up about a year and a half before the events. After the split, Rayl went to California for a while before returning to his hometown.

The source leaked a new video in which Allyson talks about the shooting when her father shot her ex-boyfriend. In the video, Allyson talks about what happened just before her father shot her ex-boyfriend.

James kept trying to get into the house by breaking down the front door, but she says she ran and hid before she heard the scary gunshot.

Ohio Daughter, 22, Says Ex Who Has Shot By Her Dad

Allyson also said she and James broke up in 2019 because James “was just being a d***,” and that she had to block him on social media as a result.

To the police officer, she said, “I don’t know how he broke the glass on the door, but he did.” The door frame fell away. He started coming in. Then I was scared and didn’t know what to do, so I ran and hid.

“I didn’t even see him shoot, I just heard the gunshot. Most of the time I was really hiding. I screamed a lot, and then I was really scared.”

She also said, “I always thought he was really nice.” He was fine in high school, but after he went to California, he changed.

“He started acting like a jerk to his close friends, and no one wanted to deal with it.”

Allyson told the detective about her day as they laughed and smiled. She said Rayl often said things that made her angry when they were together.

“He just told me everything that was wrong with me,” the 22-year-old said. He told me that no one would ever love me again.

She also said Rayl took LSD when they were together, but she didn’t know if he was still using or had a new girlfriend because she hadn’t spoken to him in a few years.

Rayl left a voicemail for his ex-girlfriend on the porch the night before the shooting. He said he wanted to check on her and see how she was doing.

Ring cameras captured the moment Duckro shot the unarmed Rayl through the front door of his North Kuther Road home. The footage is very disturbing.

He told police he shot James three times through the door window after repeatedly asking him to leave his porch.

Allyson says when Rayl started turning the doorknob, her father said, “I don’t like this.” Then he went into his room to get a gun.

The video shows Rayl trying to force his way into the house while Duckro says, “James, no, get off my porch” and “I have a gun” before shooting him.

He then stumbles away from the door and falls down in the driveway. The camera shows only his feet at this point.

Neighbors are also seen running away after hearing “four or five” gunshots, but they left Rayl on the ground for at least seven minutes before police arrived.

Jeffery Hereford can be seen walking across the Duckros’ front lawn, saying, “Don’t shoot me” and “He doesn’t have a gun.”

Then he said, “He’s dead, he’s been shot and he’s not moving”. He and two other people talked about Rayl for seven minutes as he lay dying.

When Duckro’s wife, Stacie, 51, spoke about what happened, she had tears in her eyes and said her daughter was “terrified” when she saw Rayl trying to get into their home.

She said in the interview, “He tried to take my daughter.”

While her husband was talking to the man banging on the door, she pushed her daughter into the hallway to keep Rayl away from her.

Stacie told police that Rayl did not say a word or make a sound during the whole thing.

During her interview with police, the mother cried a lot. She also said, “I can’t imagine what his parents are going through” after Rayl’s sad death on her doorstep.

She also said she was worried about her husband Mitch, who suffers from anxiety because this was the last thing he would have ever wanted to do to anyone.

Stacie told her neighbors that they had already called 911 and that they initially told her not to go near him because they thought he had a gun.

Then they can be heard yelling, “He tried to get to our daughter” and “He tried to break in.”

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