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Negotiations with Kiev are not easy, but there are hopes for a compromise, Lavrov says


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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Said some formalities for contracts with Ukraine Kiev, considered “serious”, is on the verge of ending its neutral rule. However, he said there were other important issues with the RBC news network, including usage Russian language Freedom of speech in Ukraine. “Negotiations with the Ukrainians are not easy, but there is hope for a compromise,” he said in an interview today. Sergei Lavrov. “I am guided by the assessments of the Russian negotiators. They say the talks are not easy for obvious reasons. However, there is hope that a compromise will be reached,” he said. Said the Russian Foreign Minister. “The Neutral rule “This is now being seriously discussed, of course, with security guarantees,” he added. Lavrov noted that his Ukrainian counterpart, Dimitro ColombaThey did not come up with any new ideas for the meeting Antalya. “He said he did not come back to make public statements, which aroused my curiosity.” . “
At the same time, the North Atlantic Coalition responded negatively to Gelensky’s request by the Russian Foreign Minister a few weeks ago to “close the skies of Ukraine” and deploy mercenaries to send them forward. “He has more sensible people.”
Lavrov said Russia did not see the United States’ interest in resolving the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. “The United States has a decisive role to play in determining the position of the Ukrainian authorities, but today we do not see any interest in resolving the conflict expeditiously,” he told the RBC.

Lavrov argued that the decision was final Withdrawal of Russia From European Forum Taken a long time ago.

It may be recalled that Peter Tolstoy, chairman of the Russian delegation to the European Council of Europe, received a letter from the Russian Foreign Minister yesterday announcing Moscow’s decision to the Secretary-General of the European Council.

The previous day, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Dennis Smikel had called on the European Council to “expel Russia” from the Pan-European human rights body.

Explosions in Kiev

Kiev and other major cities are under siege Cities in Ukraine The Russians, who have been forced into an unplanned delay due to opposition from the Ukrainians, are engaged in indiscriminate bombings of apartment buildings.

Now the bombing in the Kiev capital seems to be very well planned and approaching the city center, targeting apartments, subway station and other political sites yesterday. In his speech tonight, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, The blasts hit four tall buildings and killed dozens.

However, when Russian forces attacked Kiev with long-range missiles, a senior US defense official said. Their ground forces have made little or no progress in the country.

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Russian troops are about 15 kilometers from the center of the capital – no movement since yesterday. The official added that the United States believes that Russia may need more troops and supplies than it has. Ukraine Considers how to obtain more resources.

At the same time, the UK Defense Ministry released its latest intelligence report on the situation in Ukraine, saying that Russian forces were “struggling to meet the challenges posed by Ukrainian territory” and had stopped advancing.

The report says:

“Russian forces are struggling to cope with the challenges posed by the Ukrainian territory. Russian forces are often tied to Ukraine’s road network and reluctant to maneuver off the road.

Russia’s continued failure to gain control of the air has drastically reduced its ability to use air maneuvers effectively and further restrict its options.

“The tactics of the Ukrainian armed forces are to effectively exploit Russia’s lack of maneuverability to thwart Russian progress and inflict heavy casualties on the invading forces.”

The tactics of the Ukrainian armed forces have effectively exploited Russia’s maneuverability, frustrating Russian progress and inflicting heavy casualties on the invading forces.

– Ministry of Defense ???????? (efDefenceHQ) March 16, 2022

The Ukrainian military says 13,800 Russian soldiers have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. A further 430 tanks, 1375 armored vehicles, 190 artillery systems and 108 helicopters were destroyed, according to a report released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Intermittent bombardment

According to the ERT, four “cruise” missiles struck in the early hours of the morning in the northwest of Kiev, Ukrainian media talk about those injured after the explosions. According to the Guardian, A 12-storey residential building collapsed in a Russian bomb blast in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kiev this morning.

Ukraine’s state emergency services received a report confirming that shell fragments had fallen on the building at 6:16 a.m., causing it to collapse on the top floor and damage the next nine-story building.


The company said the building caught fire, but the fire was extinguished at 7.45am. Without burning in the building next door. Two were injured and 37 were evacuated from the building, he added. The attack is coming as residents The entire city was plunged into a new two-day curfew and evicted from warehouses, underground shelters and their homes.

Meanwhile, videos showing a building in Kiev being hit by rockets and engulfed in fire have been circulating on social media, while it is not clear if this is the case. To a government building or apartment building. A 35-hour curfew has been imposed in Kiev due to Russian attacks.

At the same time, more than 600 buildings have been destroyed in the second most populous city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, since the start of the Russian invasion. “Schools, nurseries, hospitals and clinics were destroyed. “The Russian military is constantly bombing us from the ground and in the air,” the mayor said in an interview. “As a result of artillery fire on tall buildings in the Nemislyansky district of Kharkov, several apartments in two apartment buildings were destroyed,” Ukraine’s emergency services said in a statement this morning.

Rescue workers were called in to put out the blaze and rescue four people after the building collapsed. But the company added that it could not save the other two who were killed in the attack. A school was attacked at around 3am and part of the building was destroyed.

Zhelensky finds “realistic” positions in speeches

A new sermon and Zhelensky believed There was hope in the course of the talks that would continue today. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He stressed a optimistic view of the talks with Russia, and in his nightly speech he noted that both sides’ positions were very realistic. “It will take time, effort and patience until Kiev’s demands are met.” As he noted “We all wish peace and success as soon as possible.” “Every war ends with an agreement,” Zhelensky said. Negotiations “They will continue”.

However, the Ukrainian president will address the US Congress today at 15:00 GMT, the last series of speeches to Western leaders he will work to strengthen support for the besieged nation.

Zhelensky is expected to once again call on the United States to “close the sky” on Ukraine. He will insist that Ukrainian pilots fly against the Russian Air Force, impose tough financial sanctions in the face of enhanced Russian aggression, and provide him with fighter jets by NATO allies.

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