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War in Ukraine: A Night of Torture in Odessa


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Still in custody for 24 hours Odessa At a time when the Russian military is continuing its offensive with less intensity. By its title Military Administration of Odessa, Maxim Martchenko Two apartments near the southern Ukrainian port city have been bombed, with two people reported injured so far. According to local officials, the Russian strikes were carried out from land and sea, with a total of about 90 bombs reported. This fact is of further concern to Ukrainian authorities, who fear that Russian military forces may be preparing to land tonight or in the next few hours. It refers to its independent military professionals Navy News Observed the movement of 14 warships of the Russian Navy through satellite photos. The warships sailed south in two groups south of the Ambipius Liner.

** Breaking **

Russian landing ships set sail for Odessa today. Now in Navy News. It’s fluid, but it’s worth updating as we learn more. https://t.co/ZB1oAiOThd

– HI Sutton (@CovertShores) March 15, 2022

The northern crew consists of a tug or mine, two large Project 775 landing craft, one tugboat and another Project 775 landing vessel.

The second panel, located between the other two, moves in a square shape. This group may include missile-carrying corvettes. In the southern group was found the ship Muskwa, which had two large boats with the plan 1171 (Tabir class).

In fact, in this group, independent military experts recognized the operation of the large landing ship Pyotr Morkunov from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet, which is usually anchored in the port of Severomorsk in the Mormonsk region.

Mykolyiv, located in southern Ukraine, about 100 kilometers from Odessa, has been under constant Russian attack for more than a week by Ukrainian forces in strong resistance. In fact, in many parts of the city streets you can find roadblocks, car tires and Molotov cocktails. Meanwhile, on Tuesday afternoon, seven people were killed and three injured were pulled from the rubble of the school.

At least 600 buildings were damaged in the cargo

More than 600 buildings Have been deleted in KharkivThe second most populous city in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, said Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

Schools, nurseries, hospitals, clinics were destroyed. The Russian army is constantly bombing us from the ground and in the airThe mayor said in a televised interview. However, Derehov noted that anyone who wants to leave the city can go by road or train.

In recent days, the suburbs of Kiev and the Ukrainian capital have come under rocket attack, with cities in eastern and southern Ukraine reminiscent of rugged terrain.

Seven people were killed in a school bombing Sunday in Nikolaev

Seven people died from the rubble of the school Nikolaev region, In southern Ukraine, which was hit by a Russian airstrike Sunday morning, Ukrainian rescue services announced today. According to reports, all three injured were rescued. Search and rescue operations have been completed at the site.

Russians occupy a hospital in Mariupol and hold workers and patients hostage

Under Russian hostage Its largest hospital has hundreds of patients and staff Like Mariupol. A few days after the deadly attack, according to officials Mariupol Maternity HospitalOccupied the largest hospital in the city and 400 patients and staff Held hostage. According to the governor Pavlo Grilenko, The regional intensive care unit in the western suburbs of Mariupol was almost destroyed the other day, but staff continued to treat patients in the basement.

According to an employee in the “O” structure, the governor saidThe Russians forced 400 people from neighboring houses to come to our hospital. We can not leave. “

Human rights activists say Russian soldiers are threatening to shoot anyone who dares to leave the hospital. Anyone leaving was shot and wounded.

In a post Facebook Citing what an employee told him, the governor says he could not leave the hospital.

There is an inability to get out of the hospital. There are loud shots, and we sit in the basement. Vehicles will not be able to come for two days. Surrounding tall buildings are on fire. The Russians forced 400 people from neighboring houses to come to our hospital. We can not go “ The employee writes. According to Krilenko Hospital “Practically destroyed” Several days ago.

A battle tank over Mariupol shoots cold

Another video capturing the horrors of war Ukraine Coming to light. In this snapshot, you can see a citizen walking down the street. The chariot drivers found him and shot him.


The video has been circulating on telegram channels for the past few hours with Azov’s Nazi battalion claiming that an old man was killed in cold blood by Russian troops in Mariupol.

More than 100 civilian buses departed from Sumi

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced this afternoon that more than 100 buses carrying civilians had left the besieged city of Sumi in northeastern Ukraine for safe haven.

DEES spokesman Jason Strauss told Reuters in Geneva: “In a joint venture between us and the Ukrainian Red Cross, a total of more than 100 buses are traveling on two different canals.

Buses go to Poltava in central Ukraine, but may not reach the destination directly, he said, adding that the Russian side had given the green light to evacuate civilians.

Putin “led” the Ukrainians – “Kiev did not show serious commitment to finding a mutually acceptable solution”

A new “window” of hope has been opened from the talks between Russia and Ukraine. Ceasefire. According to Volodymyr Zhelensky, deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s office, the current talks on a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia are “very constructive”, according to Ihor Chovka.

This position was stated in a telegram by Anton Gerashenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. “In the first rounds, Russia was not ready to listen to our position and set the final warnings: Ukraine must surrender, lay down its arms, and our president must sign the surrender.” This time Russia has changed its tone, “Zhelensky said.

Zovka said the Ukrainian delegation was “moderately optimistic” after the talks and that a meeting between Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin was needed to make significant progress. However, the hopes of the Ukrainians were accelerated … Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

According to a statement from the Kremlin, Putin was in contact with Charles Michel, President of the European Council. It reiterated that the Russian president had reiterated the conditions set by Moscow for an agreement. Kiev Did not show “serious commitment to finding a mutually acceptable solution”.

Meanwhile, Zelensky’s adviser, Mikhail Pontoliak, said talks between the two sides ended today, but technical steps would continue. He spoke about the difficult talks and fundamental differences between the two sides. “Saw” However, there is room for compromise. He said the talks would continue tomorrow.

We will continue tomorrow. Very difficult and sticky negotiation process. There are fundamental contradictions. But there is definitely room for compromise. During the break, work on the subcommittees will continue …

– Mikhail Potolyak (odPodolyak_M) March 15, 2022

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