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War in Ukraine – James Stavridis: “Russian casualties in Afghanistan double in 20 years”


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“The Russian invasion of Ukraine Becomes a long and bloody battle. U.S. It took almost two months for the Marine Corps 1 – the troops that make up the war elite around the world – to capture Fallujah, one-tenth of Kiev’s city in Iraq. Russian invasion of Ukraine Becomes a long and bloody battle. This was underlined in a detailed report in Bloomberg on the NATO military commander James Stavridis’ Ukraine war.Failed to modernize More like a sophisticated army, it resembles a brutal, brutal force in the style of World War II troops.


In an article in Bloomberg o James Stavritis He did not fail to underline the important mistakes made by the Russians in both the planning and field of the invasion, as he points out that it was too high and … too expensive. In particular, it talks about three obvious problems

First delivery failures. In the military, we often say that amateurs study strategy, yet experts study logistics. Providing troops with ammunition, fuel, food, heat, electricity and communications equipment is essential. In particular, it has proven to be very difficult to refuel for the Russians, which is a start-up job for the Western military.

A picture Fixed convoy of armor And the 65-kilometer Escort vehicles are a perfect example of incompetence out of hand – any modern Western military would have developed elaborate plans to ensure that such a large assault weapon would not remain in the exposed land for several days at a time. It is easier to deliver supplies to relatively small units in Syria than to feed 200,000 troops.

The second challenge is less obvious, but still “insidious”. A significant number of men occupied Ukraine Forced or excluded. It is not a professional, volunteer force led by senior military officers. There are examples of Russian soldiers who did not really know the importance of their mission – some of them were surprised to find that they did not exercise in Russia until they were captured by the Ukrainians.

The third big mistake Bad governance lives on. The attack on Ukraine in the Russian program significantly separated the attacking forces, from six different axes. A war plan Distributing power across the six axes is inherently defective. “This may undoubtedly lead to misconceptions and misinformation: Russian generals reasonably expected the Ukrainians to welcome themselves with flowers and vodka – not with bullets and Molotov cocktails as they did.”

As for the casualties, the former NATO military commander says “The United States has lost about 2,000 soldiers killed on the battlefield in 20 years of fierce fighting in Afghanistan. The Russians, in two weeks, At least 4,000 men have been lost Supports. In addition to blood, Russia also refers to economic bleeding.

War is a costly process, especially when difficult monetary resources are reduced by Western sanctions. Much of Putin’s armor – more than $ 600 billion in reserves – has been “locked up” by Western sanctions agencies.

Russia sends 200 fighter jets a day, consuming large amounts of fuel and spare parts, making them difficult to replace due to sanctions. Says Ukraine It shot down more than 50 Russian planes, each costing between $ 20 million and $ 50 million. According to a recent estimate, the cost of the war is in the billions of dollars a day – at this rate, Putin will run out of money before he has the support of the people.

For the Russians on the field in Ukraine, the worst is yet to come. To subdue Kiev, a city of about four million people, Putin must kill a significant number of his troops.

The locals know every corner of their city, get the best and best weapons from the west and fight or be safe with their families in Poland. “It is only certain that this will be a long and bloody war.”

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