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Net WorthMike Tyson Net Worth: Check Out His Age, Bio,...

Mike Tyson Net Worth: Check Out His Age, Bio, & Luxury Life!


Mike Tyson is a renowned personality in the world of American boxing. Regarded as Iron Mike, this sports person is an expert in heavyweight boxing and has become champion several times. Knockout was his greatest strength in the early days of his career. It led to the easy defeat of the rivals in 19 fights.

Mike Tyson Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2022?

However, Tyson’s life was not smooth, although his fame was so prominent to the rest of the world. The ferocious style landed him into multiple problems.

Mike Tyson Net Worth Check Out His Age, Bio, & Luxury Life!

The competitors used to complain about his behavior and injuries and the rough punches. Moreover, tackling him out of the rings was hard too. The hardest man was literally very powerful and made the rivals taste the dirt.

But unfortunately, the allegation of rape resulted in 6-year-long imprisonment of Mike. However, observing his good records, the authorities only reduced the punishment to 3 years. The followers of this mind-blowing boxer always wish to know the details of his personal life. Hence, we bring informative content about his early beginnings, private affairs, and luxurious lifestyle.

Mike Tyson’s Bio

Mike Tyson, born Michael Gerard Tyson, belongs to a Catholic family living in New York. 30th June of 1966 is the birthdate of this boxing champion. He is 56 years old. The birth certificate shows that Purcell Tyson is his biological father, a cab driver by profession.

Mike Tyson's Bio

However, confusion is there regarding his father’s name. Jimmy Kirkpatrick was named his father as per many records, which Tyson knew from the beginning. This baseball player was a very indecent man and left Mike’s mom, Lorna Mae, to marry somebody else.

From childhood, the young Michael was very fond of pigeons. The school kids used to bully him quite often for being overweight. Hence for the kid, the innocent birds were a form of delight. Moreover, it was a medium of escape from this cruel world. Later, he even faced breakups due to his tremendous love for the birdies.

Tyson lost his mother at the age of 16. The neighborhood of the Tysons was full of multiple criminals. Hence, Michael’s childhood differed significantly from the rest of the kids.

He completed his school-level education at Tryon School for Boys and finally shifted his attention toward boxing. Bobby Stewart was the first person to discover his extraordinary abilities in this sport. Such a turning point made his return to a normal life after 38 arrests by the time he was 13.

Career Beginnings

Tyson began as an amateur in 1981, and for two consecutive years, he continued to win the Junior Olympics. Finally, in 1985, he came to the forefront as a professional boxer at 18 years. In 1986, people saw Mike rising to stardom and appearing on television.

However, the match at Troy’s Houston Field House became a remarkable and memorable incident for the global audience and in Tyson’s life. In one of the rounds, accidentally, Ferguson underwent a nose injury due to his uppercut of Mike.

After this, the player faced many such incidents of rough fighting leading to the cancellation of matches. He also received punishments for the same. But besides the controversies, Mike is also the winner of multiple accolades and honors.

Net Worth & Earnings

In 2022, Mike Tyson is said to have a net worth of $10 million approximately. Furthermore, smart investments and an incredible career of 30 years are behind the collection of so much money. But close examination also reveals that his life has been full of ups and downs. The most exciting part was his comeback after his imprisonment of three years.

Personal Life

Mike Tyson married Robin Givens in 1988 but divorced in 1989. However, the most important lady in the player’s life after her is Kiki. The real name of this person is Lakisha Spicer. Regrettably, Tyson had to face the death of his daughter, Exodus. However, after two years, he finally married his girlfriend, Kiki, in 2009. At the time of their first meet, Kiki was around 43 years old. To date, they are leading a good life as a happy couple. She supported Tyson even during his imprisonment and played a lead role in getting him rid of the dangerous drug addiction.

Awards And Honors

It is indeed highly appreciable that the boxer received numerous awards and honors from a very early stage. Moreover, in 1989, he received a prestigious Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University.

In 2012, he also achieved the WWE Hall of Fame for professional wrestling. Besides these honors, Mike also got many accolades for terrific performances in boxing, like Ring Magazine Prospect, International Boxing Hall of Fame, Sugar Ray Robinson Award, and many more.


The car collection of Mike Tyson deserves special mention. He owns a Ferrari 456-GT Spyder worth $232,170 and a Rolls Royce worth $150,000. Moreover, his assets are glorified by Cadillac Eldorado and Mercedes Benz’s presence.

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