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EntertainmentnewsCelebrating The ‘King of Pop Michael Jackson Birthday!

Celebrating The ‘King of Pop Michael Jackson Birthday!


One of the world’s heartthrob singers, dancers, songwriters Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. Yesterday was his Birthday and the world still terribly suffers from his loss. The most overrated ‘King of Pop’ died at the age of 50. If he was alive, he would be in his 60s. 

In the 70s the whole world’s attention was on Michael Jackson. With his stupendous vocal, he just swooped into the world. Apart from being a dancer, and singer, he was an amazing philanthropist and what he did to society was truly inexplicable. The whole world should bend its knees and bow its heads in front of this wizard man. 

Celebrating The ‘King of Pop Michael Jackson Birthday!

‘Earth song’ was the last song Micheal Jackson performed and with his wizardry, he just nailed it. ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat it, ‘ Smooth Criminal’, ‘Heal the World’ were his most famous songs. Mikael Jackson as a songwriter has penned more than 150 songs. Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat it are popularly known for transcending the racial barriers. 

Celebrating The ‘King of Pop Michael Jackson Birthday!

World has stumbled in shock when Mikael Jackson got defeated in the life-death battle. He died on June 25, 2009.  Cause of death was the acute intoxication of drugs. Later the world realised it was a clear case of homicide. His doctor gave him Propofol and anti-anxiety benzodiazepines. This was the root cause of his death and the doctor was sentenced into four years in prison. The world was in a deep doleful situation, when the news of his death was announced. He was a bodacious man with inexplicable talents. Also Jackson was into injecting hormonal doses to have a shrilling voice.   Jackson died while preparing for his comeback concerts,’This is it’. 

 Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson were his parents. Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe were his wives and he had three children. ‘Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California is where Mikael Jackson is sleeping. 

When we rattle off Mikael Jackson’s career,  being the eighth child of his family, he set foot into the musical world in 1964 with his older brothers. In 1971,Jackson began his solo career, and his album ‘Off the Wall’ paved a way for him to become a solo star. They were  popularly known as’ Jackson 5’. In January 1970, when the  song ‘I want you back’ became their first song to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.  Their group, ‘Jackson 5’ were described later as “a cutting-edge example of black crossover artists”.

‘Off the wall’, ‘ She’s out of my life’, ‘Don’t stop Til you get enough’, and ‘Rock with you’, albums reached number three on the US Billboard 200. V

Celebrating The ‘King of Pop Michael Jackson Birthday!

With his moonwalk dance, which was taught by Jeffrey Daniel, Jackson

Became all the more famous and became his signature dance. 

Mikael Jackson in the late 1980s, became a popular figure of controversy because of his sudden changes in appearance, behavior, relationships and lifestyle. 

Mikael Jackson had won umpteen awards and is inestimable. Some of the major awards are

  • By Guinness world records he is recognized as the Most successful entertainer of All Time. 
  • Grammy Award for Album of the year
  • Brit Award for Best selling album
  • Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Grammy Hall of Fame
  • Grammy Award for Record of the year
  • Grammy Award for Best male R&B Vocal Performance 
  • Juno Award for International Single of the year
  • Grammy Legend Award
  • World Music Award- Chopard Diamond Award
  • Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Male Artist

Mikael Jackson a prolific philanthropist, his deeds, his magnanimity has paved way for others to be inspired. His benevolent attitude towards those in need, has surge in celebrity philanthropy too. According to some sources, he has donated over $500 Million to various charitable organisations. Apart from this Jackson established ‘Heal the World Foundation’ and he donated hefty amounts from the revenue that he acquired from his ‘Dangerous World Tour’. 

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Mikael Jackson though he has invented his own styles he was influenced by other spectacular musicians like James Brown, Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross, Sammy Davis Jr, Gene Kelly and David Ruffin. 

Mikael Jackson’s voice was his most intriguing talent, and his voice gave him stardom and made him entirely different from his contemporaries. With no formal music training, his music has reached worldwide recognition. His other talents like being an astounding Guitarist, keyboardist and drummer, he also shook the world with his mesmerizing talents. 

And the most fascinating talent Jackson had was his alluring dance performances. Sanjoy Roy has said about his mind blogging dance performance that “would flick and retract his limbs like switchblades, or snap out of a tornado spin into a perfectly poised toe-stand”. 

Jackson had made his signature on everything that he has tried. He has contributed to several genres like pop, soul, rhythm and blues, funk, disco, post-disco, dance stop, and new jack swing. 

As long as his songs have soul, the world will never ever forget such an intriguing person with these inexplicable talents. He left the world at a very young age, but he will be remembered and honored. 

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