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Megan Fox ‘Needed To Know’ Whether Machine Gun Kelly Was Breastfed As A Baby


The hot couples of Hollywood are back in the media. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were engaged earlier this year and were flaming thereafter. Last week the couple appeared at his ‘Life In Pink’ movie premiere in an incredibly stunning bubblegum pink ensemble that stole the whole red carpet scene. The couple were known for their wild stories and have become the most talked-about couple in Hollywood. 

Why Megan Fox Needed to Know If Machine Gun Kelly Was Breastfed

The duo gets a lot of attention from the media as they reveal more about their personal life. They never failed to disclose everything, just like the shocking tales of drinking each other blood, and a lot more. As the duo is so close to planning their marriage ceremony, Fox has come up to the media with her latest concern about her to-be husband.    

Why Megan Fox Needed to Know If Machine Gun Kelly Was Breastfed

Earlier this week, the “Jennifer’s Body” actress exclusively opened up that she has asked MGK whether he was breastfed when he was a baby. She said that she need to know such things in order to learn more about his “psychology” and “temperament.” The actress has stated before that even though MGK has a grunge and rockstar look, he is such a romantic boy. Even after sharing this with the media, she never felt that such questions are irrelevant as these could help her know more about her now-fiancé Machine Gun Kelly.

As the couple walked down the red carpet of their movie premiere on June 27, Fox clarified that for her, this question seemed quite relevant. She expressed, “It has a lot to do with your psychology and character. So I ask things like that.” She even conveyed that such questions they ask each other make their conversation go much deeper right away instead of just knowing about their favorite things. These kinds of details about a person help the actress in knowing them much better. She said that by knowing each other more, it’s impossible to not know almost everything about that person. The actress even added that it was difficult for her to get to be familiarized with someone without knowing almost everything about them. 

While talking about her boohoo clothing drop, she admitted that the most romantic thing that one could do according to her is listening and she has disclosed that MGK is such a good listener. She said that he listens to her talking about things and always keeps it in his mind so that he could get her things accordingly. She still remembers how he got her a present for Christmas after listening to her talking about her favorites. 

Fans of this hot couple who were engaged since this January still remember how the actress used her incredible knowledge when they took a couple’s quiz last October for British GQ. from the video of the quiz, you can notice how the actress easily answered the questions about her to-be husband’s astrology sign, shoe size, nicknames, coffee likings, favorite comic books and a lot more. Her performance at the quiz contest even astonished the singer, who later praised her for her great knowledge. He even shared, “If you were my Jeopardy! partner, you would honestly win every single category. You are an almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary all in one.”

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