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In London, Penn Badgley Wraps Up Filming’You’ Season Four


It is confirmed that “You” will have a fourth season. We’ve been eagerly expecting additional information ever since Netflix originally announced the wonderful news just days before the third installment’s launch on October 15, 2021.

The fourth season of Penn Badgley’s Netflix series “You” is eagerly anticipated by many of its fans. When the movie ended, Badgley’s Joe Goldberg’s killing rampage had reached new heights in the California suburb of Madre Linda.

The show’s producers are attempting to change the formula this time around, so Joe will now be seen stumbling through the streets of London.

In London, Penn Badgley Wraps Up Filming’You’ Season Four

Penn Badgley Wraps Up Filming'You' Season Four

Netflix has given us a sneak peek at some of the filming locations for the new season, and guess what? No plot or release date information has been made public yet. Season four will be partially filmed in London. “You” Season 4 is now filming in London, the streaming service captioned a behind-the-scenes photo of Penn Badgley (a.k.a. Joe Goldberg).

Joe appeared to be traveling to Paris at the end of season three to follow his most recent victim, so it’s unclear what he might be doing in London right now. After finishing a day of shooting sequences for the upcoming fourth season of his popular Netflix series “You” in London, England on Sunday afternoon, July 3, the 35-year-old actor had a few conversations with the cast and crew.

Penn was seen waiting for a shuttle to pick him up from the set while wearing an off-white T-shirt and tan shorts. Penn makes backward and forwards flights to London to film the newest season of “You”. Penn and two of his new coworkers were seen filming multiple sequences at the end of March.

This week, Penn Badgley filmed a night scene at Old Billingsgate in London, England, for the upcoming season of Netflix’s “You”. Tilly Keeper and Lukas appeared to be a pair on the show because they were caught kissing while filming!

Lukas will represent “Adam is an American ex-pat and the youngest child of a successful East Coast mogul. He is well known for egregiously falling short of his wealthy, distinguished family’s expectations. Adam is a quick friend, a pleasant and entertaining party host, and both a businessman and a gambler. Adam is, however, concealing a wealth of secrets and heavily self-medicating his issues.”

Recently, Penn gave his justification for moving to London for the upcoming season: “It’s cheaper.” The Gossip Girl star hinted that the first four episodes have been completed and that Joe’s change in scenery would indicate a change in the character’s persona.

Tati Gabrielle, who played Marianne in season 3, will also be returning, according to Badgley. Badgley remarked, “The program may seem different as it develops”.”The format has changed, but the tone is evolving nonetheless. We’re employing a distinctive format.” He continued, “nearly altering the genre slightly,” which is probably a good move.

Penn also clarified how little his character resembles Caroline Kepnes’ main character. “It would be difficult to watch if you faithfully replicated him. It would be quite difficult to observe,” he said.

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