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Maya Vander, The ‘Selling Sunset’ Star, Shares’ Healing’ After Stillbirth!


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Maya Vander, the renowned star of Netflix’s series ‘Selling Sunset,’ now took the space on social media platforms to share the star’s devastating stillbirth stories.

Maya Vander, The ‘Selling Sunset’ Star, Shares’ Healing’ After Stillbirth!

“I still remember that day of my life how hard it felt to move every single second. At 38 weeks of my pregnancy, I faced a stillbirth awfully. I obviously heard of it but never imagined that it will hit on me with lots of pain. Instead of holding a healthy baby in my hands, I had just a memory box to take home… I heartily wish no one to hit such a heartbreaking incident like mine.”

Maya Vander, The 'Selling Sunset' Star, Shares' Healing' After Stillbirth!

Maya Vander is the mother of Aiden, her 2-year son, and Elle, her 21-month-old daughter, is holding a family of 4 with her husband, David Miller. 

“I was out for my weekly checkup; it just turned into a frightening nightmare that I never even thought would happen to me. I’ve kept my gallery filled with lovely pics, which I knew I’ll surely need to post with no delay to avoid the public queries about my due date.” She added.

In the shock of the loss

Vander and David Miller were trying to conceive their 3rd bundle of joy – she periodically checks for those two happy lines. Finally, a positive test result made Vander excited.

During her early carrying phase, she often traveled to L.A. to continue the show – Selling Sunset. “There were no such early pregnancy discomforts for me other than feeling a little bit tired at times,” notes Vander. “I had no issues with my previous pregnancies. So, I was enough confident and active all the way in each of my pregnancy phases.”

During pregnancy, the baby stayed very active, but at one point, she found less movement comparatively and opted for a private ultrasound. “The heartbeat was on track, and there were no signs of the cord close or around his neck. Everything felt good,” says Vander.

 A few days later, in a visit with her O.B., the doctor could not find his heartbeat and confirmed the loss. 

Experiencing the stillbirth pain

Maya Vander remembers, “I had a normal vaginal delivery, which was very painful than usual as no epidural was given to me. The doctors were not able to find the right spot for giving the shot.”

Her husband was having COVID at that time. “The gyno and the hospital staff helped me to cope with miserable situation; they treated me well in my tough times,” Vander says.

After her son’s stillbirth, Vander still has not recovered mentally from the loss. She says, “My son was a fully grown 7 pounds weigh baby, and I have no idea what really happened to him.”

Healing after the loss

Ultimately, considering the fact that, whatever happens, life has to go on, she is, in a sense, to stay busy with her family. The incredible support from friends and family gives her a feeling of healing therapy. 

She says, “I find it very helpful to know that I am not the only one who had a stillbirth story.”


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