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Comedic Genius: Maya Rudolph’s ‘Hot Ones’ Skit From Loot Viewed Over 7M Times


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Maya Khabira Rudolph, an American actress, comedian, and singer, is hailed on social media for her expertise in comedy. Lately, a video clip of the actress has gone viral.

The clip was from her latest TV show ‘Loot.’ It is an American comedy television series developed by Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang that premiered on June 24, 2022, on Apple TV. Other than Rudolph, the cast includes Joel Kim Booster, Ron Funches, and Nat Faxon. As of now, the show acquired positive reviews. 

Maya Rudolph Shocked Everyone With The Viral Video On Hot Ones

Rudolph plays the role of Molly Wells, a recently divorced billionaire who turns into a philanthropist. After her undignified public divorce from her tech tycoon husband John(Adam Scott), she determines to become more engaged in her charitable foundations and ventures on a PR tour that includes time on the YouTube series ‘Hot Ones.’ 

The Hot Ones is a widely popular series that usually hosts A-list celebrities. They are being interviewed by Sean Evans, the host. In this show, the hosts must eat chicken wings that slowly increase in spiciness. Numerous viral moments have been created within the show as the celebrities go on with the hot chicken wings. And in some cases, the celebrities’ meltdowns were also captured. 

Comedic Genius Maya Rudolph's 'Hot Ones' Skit From Loot Viewed Over 7M Times

In Maya Rudolph’s Loot, Molly Wells undergoes such a situation while eating the chicken wings. The meltdown scene completely spirited social media. Several Tweets were posted on Twitter and one among them went viral. The tweet said, “Maya Rudolph is a comedic genius,” and it even included a clip from the show which went viral and has been viewed more than 7 million times. 

Celebrities like Jamie East, an English TV presenter, have also tweeted, “Finally someone behaves exactly how I would behave on Hot Ones.” Someone else who watched the video had really thought that Rudolf herself had attended the show, but only by the end realized that it was a scene from the series, Loot. 

Maya Rudolph’s Scene Becomes A Chaos

The viral video shows Molly(Maya Rudolf) starting off organized but later the scene quickly falls into chaos as she scolds Evans for speaking to her as the spice level rises. The character tells Evans, to shut the F*** up. The scene becomes hilarious as she starts gulping beer from the pitcher. After this, she starts to yell about her A**HOLE HUSBAND, because of whom she has to get her face melted off in the series by the tiny pieces of spices s***, according to her. 

As she got spiced up from the hot chicken wings, she started to yell at the host. She yells at him stating, “Let me tell you something, Sean. I have $87 billion. I could buy you and this whole studio and every mother****er in it and I could shut it down. I could kill everybody in here and get away with it.” 

Rudolf appeared in a skit about Hot Ones on Saturday Night Live in 2021, in which she imitated Beyoncé. Even though she has appeared on the Hot Ones twice as the character, she disclosed that she would never try the show as herself. She said to Evans that she would never dare to attend the show even if he asks her to come.

Rudolf even expressed that she is very happy to talk with him on the show but denies taking a single piece of the chicken inside her body. She admitted that while having a chat with the host, Evans, he was explaining to her about the sauces and the (Scoville) they use in the chicken. And it made her realize that she can’t even get past one and is sure that she can’t make it. She is more sure that eating that thing could burn her inside or something. 



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