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Margot Robbie Says She Was ‘Mortified’ When Barbie Photos Went Viral


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Margot Robbie has said that the experience of making her next film Barbie was one of the “most embarrassing experiences” of her life, and she described it as such in a recent interview. The Australian actor, who is 32 years old, plays the title role in the romantic comedy directed by Greta Gerwig and based on the well-known toy doll.

Ryan Gosling, who is also 32 years old, plays the role of Ken, Barbie’s lover. Late in the month of June, photographs taken of the co-stars by paparazzi when they were spotted filming at Venice Beach in Los Angeles were made public.

‘Most Humiliating Moment Of My Life’: Margot Robbie Says after Barbie Pictures Went Viral

After photographs of Margot Robbie filming Barbie while wearing a multicolored unitard and neon yellow roller skates went viral, the actress stated that the images left her feeling ‘mortified.’

In the next film about a renowned doll that comes to life that will be directed by Greta Gerwig, the Australian actress, who is 32 years old, will play the title character.

Margot Robbie Says She Was 'Mortified' When Barbie Photos Went Viral

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the former actress of Neighbours stated that the revelation of images showing her filming with Ryan Gosling at Venice Beach in Los Angeles was the “most embarrassing moment of her life.”

She remarked, “I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassed both of us were.”

“On the outside, it appears as though we are smiling and having a good time, but we were actually dying on the inside.”

She went on to say that during this time she thought to herself, “This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

I was aware that we would be filming some scenes outside in Los Angeles. I was aware that once you started doing exteriors, you were going to be photographed by the crew.

“Because those clothes make us stick out a little bit, there’s definitely going to be a little number of folks who are going to pay the note,”

“So I thought there would be some attention, and maybe some images would get out there, but not to the extent that it did.” It seemed as though chaos reigned, and it seemed as if hundreds of people were watching.

Margot Robbie made an appearance on the talk program to promote her most recent picture, Amsterdam. She also took the opportunity to wish Jimmy Fallon a happy 48th birthday and brought him some Australian fairy bread as a gift.

The celebrity player participated in a round of Blow Your Mind and afterward stated that the only reason she did so was that it was the host’s birthday.

Margot Robbie At Jimmy Fallon Show

During the game, Questlove would give aloud a supposedly “mind-blowing truth,” and Margot and Jimmy would have to judge whether or not it was real.

If they provided the incorrect response, they were hit in the face with a stream of air from a tube that was placed in front of them.

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After making the incorrect assertion that there are more McDonald’s in the United States than libraries, Margot Robbie received a lot of criticism.

Margot wore a dress by Alessandra Rich that was covered in polka dots and had a deep V-neckline for her appearance on the show.


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