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MacKenzie Scott Net Worth, Source Of Income, Charity Involvements!


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The American novelist and billionaire MacKenzie Scott possesses the name on the list of the richest personalities of this world. Around $53 million is the estimated net worth of this philanthropist cum novelist.

Scott is also well known for being the wife of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. MacKenzie became the heir to $38 billion after divorcing the billionaire.

Things To Know About Mackenzie Scott Net Worth, Career, Age, Bio!

Records tell that in the United States, the name of Scott is in the third position among the wealthiest women in the country. Furthermore, MacKenzie’s name existed in the 2020 Time List for 100 Most Influential People of the world. Thus, Forbes considered her the most powerful woman worldwide in 2021. This was indeed a remarkable time for the novelist.

The debut novel of this fantastic author came in 2005, titled The Testing of Luther Albright. Traps was released several years later, in 2013, marking it as Scott’s second writing success.

Things To Know About Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

MacKenzie became the winner of the American Book Award in 2006 for the first novel. Apart from being the wife of a billionaire, getting a huge fortune after divorce, and having a successful career in writing, Scott also made a significant contribution to social welfare.

She is an active philanthropist and participated on various occasions in donating billions of dollars. In 2014, she founded an anti-bullying organization by the name of Bystander Revolution and has been in the executive director’s chair.

Full NameMacKenzie Sheri Tuttle
ProfessionNovelist, Philanthropist
Source Of IncomeWriting Novels & Involvement In Amazon
Biggest Assets4% Stake in Amazon
ResidenceSeattle, Washington
Date Of Birth 7 April 1970
Age52 years
Marital StatusMarried
EducationPrinceton University
Children4 (including Preston Bezos)
Spouse NameDan Jewett (m. 2021), Jeff Bezos (m. 1993–2019)
Wealth TypeInherited

Key Facts About MacKenzie Scott

  • Mackenzie Scott took birth in California’s San Francisco in 1970. Marin County was the place where she spent her childhood days.
  • She belonged to a middle-class family where her mother used to run the household like a homemaker, and his father worked as an investment advisor and owned a firm.
  • After repeated struggles, Scott came to Florida with her family.
  • After school, MacKenzie went to get a degree in Study at Princeton University and finally became a graduate in 1992.
  • MacKenzie married Jeff Bezos in 1993 and stayed with him till 2019. The marriage took place before the launch of Amazon by Bezos.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth

The current wealth figure of MacKenzie Scott is $53 billion after obtaining the massive wealth of her ex-husband post-divorce. Furthermore, in July 2020, the stock price of Amazon shares became $3,300 per unit.

This incredible value increases automatically made Scott the wealthiest woman on this planet. However, a drop in the value in the later part of the same day, that is, 13th July, made Scott return to the second position.

At that time, the tag of being the wealthiest woman remained with Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth

MacKenzie Scott Sources of Income

The primary sources of income of MacKenzie Scott are from writing novels. Some of the best books by this person include –

  • The Testing of Luther Albright
  • 116 OrganizationsOrganizations Driving Change
  • Traps
  • Seeding by Ceding
  • 384 Ways to Help
MacKenzie Scott Sources of Income

However, the passive income of this lady is from the fortune of her ex-husband and Amazon‘s founder Jeff Bezos. After the divorce, Amazon’s 20 million shares came to her in the form of alimony.

In addition, she earned an additional amount of around $25 billion due to the rapid growth in the value of her amazon stocks.

MacKenzie Scott Charity Involvements

The involvement of Scott in multiple charitable and philanthropic activities is quite notable. As per the novelist, she loves to spend ample amounts donating to different organizations or other noble causes.

The Giving Pledge is one of the recent projects which received a commitment from this brilliant author. Surprisingly, the billionaire intends to give away the lion’s share of her fortune to some charitable organizations before permanently leaving this world.

MacKenzie Scott Charity Involvements

The authorized signatory of this noble organization also made the largest contribution in 2020, amounting to about $6 million for various charitable deeds. This also included a huge sum for the COVID relief funds.

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Quotes By Scott

Some top-class quotes are;-

1.   My characters are based on people I know, but not in a direct way.

2.   Cocktail parties, for me, can be nerve-racking

3.   Writing is such a “pretend” profession.

She never becomes tired of praising Amazon and how it is helping and impressing people worldwide. Moreover, she once also declared, “I Think Amazon has been great for readers”.

Social Media Involvements

You can get in touch with this noble lady on social media. She is an iconic figure with a privileged voice and a golden heart for many women.


Scott remains active on Twitter and Instagram and shares several pictures of her daily life and activities with millions of fans.

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