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Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty Of Sexual Abuse That Occurred Decades Ago


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In Santamonica Court on Tuesday, the verdict was read out without the defendant, Bill Cosby, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenager.

Following the trial, the jury found Judy Huth’s favour for being sexually assaulted without her consent. At Santamonica court in California, the case was decided on June 21. The incident allegedly took place at Playboy Mansion while Huth was a teenager, according to the ruling.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Teenager

Huth, the victim, was 16 years old when the incident occurred, and yesterday she received $500,000 as compensation for the emotional harm she sustained. Huth, who is now in her 60s, feels glad for having spoken the truth in the open and for exposing the comedian’s masked face.

Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty Of Sexual Abuse That Occurred Decades Ago

In 2014, a lawsuit was brought forth because the former star had harassed the girl in 1975.

Huth gave the court the truth by thoroughly explaining the incident. She claimed that as she and a companion were watching a movie in San Marino Park in Los Angeles, the renowned comedian approached them. Huth, 16, and his companion, a 17-year-old, were asked to come and join Cosby, and they both consented.

The author allegedly invited Huth and her friend to his tennis club later that day. When Cosby met with the girls on that Saturday, he accused them of drinking alcohol whenever Cosby wins at billiards.

According to the lawsuit, after getting the teens inebriated, the actor allegedly promised them they were going to get a surprise. The two are then purposefully taken to Playboy Mansion where they are even asked to claim to be adults despite the females merely being teenagers.

When she asked Hugh for directions to the restroom, it was alleged in the judgement that the 84-year-old pointed him toward one of the bedroom suites. Hugh had already positioned himself over the bed and was waiting for the young girl when she returned from the restroom. He allegedly requested Hugh to join him and sit on the bed next to him when she arrived.

The lawsuits’ main contention is found here. Without her consent, the male abused her in the Playboy Mansion bedroom suite.

Hugh’s emotional turmoil as a result of the events drove her to be courageous and brazen enough to share the tragic news.

The girl received justice because California law permits the victim to initiate a lawsuit about an incident that occurred decades ago.

In the judgement presented by Andrea Costand, the former author had already been found guilty of attempting the same crime. When the case was thrown out last June, the offender was freed from prison.

Similar circumstances existed in the former claim, where the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted the victim, a team administrator for the women’s basketball team.

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