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Landon Barker Performs With MGK While Travis Barker Hospitalized!!


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Landon Barker, the son of Travis Barker, hit the stage by delivering his outstanding performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This all happened on Tuesday night right after his father got hospitalized due to an unexpected serious health condition.

As the stage program was planned earlier, Landon did not step back from performing the show and said, “Whatever happens, the show must go on”. This highlights Landon, 18, the teenager’s strong willpower and dedication to his passion.

As The Program Was Preplanned, Landon Continues With The Show!!

Landon said that the program was preplanned, and after his father’s sudden admission to the hospital all came together, but he felt much better as his father got hospitalized at the right time and the doctors told him that there is nothing serious”. 

The singer even felt more relaxed as Landon’s 16-year-old sister was at their father’s side. He added, “The doctors and the staff were giving him the best treatment, and they were taking care of him very well, so nothing stopped me back from performing in New York.

Landon and MGK, 32, together hit the show by doing their very famous track Die In California. This song was earlier performed by them on the “Bloody Valentine” rocker’s “Mainstream Sellout” album.

Landon Barker Performs With MGK While Travis Barker Hospitalized!!

Colson Baker, who is renowned for the name MGK, his performance asked the audience if anybody who gathered there ever felt lost sometimes. For this, the new york city responded by making a huge noise showing a big ‘YES’.

Landon’s sister, who was by their father’s side at the hospital shared a story via Instagram seeking prayers for her daddy.

Landon nor MGK addressed this father’s news during the show. Everyone came to know about this incident from the post shared by the 16-year-old girl.

Alabama even posted a snap on her TikTok account showing her father, 46, lying on a hospital bed holding his phone in one hand and tightly holding his daughter’s hand in the other. She captioned the snap asking the audience for the prayers from their heart. This showcase the strong father-daughter bond they hold. 

The pics of Barker hospitalized were then flooded over the Internet in no time. One of the many snaps showed he has been wheeled out of the ambulance very carefully by the hospital staff closely followed by Landon’s security team.

On Tuesday morning, Travis and Kardashian visited West Hills Hospital and Medical Center followed by an undisclosed health issue felt by Travis, the Box Car Racer founder. The doctor who examined him noted that he needed additional care and immediately shifted to Cedars-Sinai.

Right at the time, Travis was feeling discomfort, he tweeded sharing his words by asking God to save him. For the very same tweet, many of his fans replied by supporting him and sharing their prayers. 

The fans of Travis flooded the social media with their prayers and they even shared his snaps of getting hospitalized in which Barker on a stretcher was seen. The same image was perfectly captioned, “Hearty prayers for our loving Travis Barker”. 


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