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‘Kimmel’ Host Chelsea Handler ‘Biggest MAGA Moron Ever Elected’


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Boebert, the handler, mentioned on Sunday that she has been totally fed up with the church and state junk. And she even claimed that the church is supposed to direct the government.

The feedback so far shows the handler, Boebert is one of the biggest morons of MAGA ever elected. Every feedbacks showcase the same. One shared a clip of the handler claiming the Founding Fathers have no right for separating state and church. 

Chelsea Handler Called Boebert As ‘Biggest MAGA Moron Ever Elected’

Chelsa Handler fired back by delivering the words that she tends to be doubtful about getting advice from the human tramp stamp on the human tramp stamp. Several times Boebert noted they skip straight to the Second Amendment.

She even continued talking against the Founding Fathers that they always needed women to shut their mouths in front of the public. They even thought in a different way that women did not vote and did not get elected to Congress. 

Thomas Jefferson, the buddy of the Founding Fathers, once pointed out his view, that governments are instituted only among men and for the men. 

‘Kimmel’ Host Chelsea Handler ‘Biggest MAGA Moron Ever Elected’

Thomas Jefferson‘s terminology in 1947 was well famous and was incorporated in Justice Hugo Black’s majority opinion, which stated that in the words of Jefferson, the famous clause against the establishment of religion by law was really meant to build a wall of separation between the state and church. 

It shows the first Amendment had already built a gigantic wall between the state and the church. And the strong wall must be kept in its heights.

A couple of days prior to her primary election, Rep Lauren Boebert, 35, at an event uttered the words to churchgoers that, the church is all sup[posed to direct the government, and the government is not the one who is supposed to direct the church.

She even added that the separation of church and state is not in the US Constitution. She delivered the words to the Colorado Springs crowd on Sunday. She tried to overlook the judicial interpretations of the First Amendment, which states that, Congress should not make any law regarding the establishment of religion, or banning the free exercise. 

On Tuesday, Lauren Boebert declared to win her primary election in Colorado’s Third Congressional District. The opponent was Don Coram. The reports show that Lauren took a lead of 65 percent votes against Don, which depicts a massive notable lead.

Boebert was one of the 147 strongest Republican members of Congress who stood against the electoral vote count right after January 6, 2021,  the deadly attack on the United States Capitol.


She occupied the center of a wide variety of controversies right at the beginning of January 2021.

Robert showed her heartfelt thanks to Donald Trump, the former president, for the religious liberty victory on Monday. 


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