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Court Orders Kevin Spacey To Pay $30 Million To “House of Cards” Makers


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The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled against the American actor Kevin Spacey in favor of the production team of the Netflix original House Of Cards on Thursday. 

The ruling emphasized Spacey, who along with his production companies must compensate the House of Cards’ makers including MRC, Trigger Street Productions, Wade/Thomas Productions, and Knight Takes King Production, with a fine amount of $30.9 million. 

Kevin Spacey Lost $30M As A Result Of Being Fired From The Show “House Of Cards”

The penalty amount is fixed on Spacey because of the loss he caused to the team by firing the crew for sexual harassment in 2017. 

House Of Cards

By a private conciliator, MRC and other production companies of the Netflix series have managed to turn the table before them, finally winning against  Spacey and the team. Mel Red Recana, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, ruled the verdict in favor of them, making Spacey pay nearly $31 million to the team. 

In the final verdict, Recana explained how Spacey and his legislative team failed to convince the court by demonstrating that the very case was a closed one. 

Meanwhile, Michael Kump, attorney of MRC expressed his joy in the final statement revealed by the court. The pleasant attorney shared his words through an email to The Associated Press. 

Although in the statements made before the court, Spacey’s attorney and his spokesperson have claimed that the allegations raised against their client were all void, no comments were received from his representative of Spacey so far, after the case was suspended. 

In one of Kump’s appeals passed to the arbitrator, he had written how the House Of Cards actor had engaged in certain illegal activities in connection with other crew members throughout the five seasons, breaching his contract that had already mentioned maintaining professional behavior with the team. 

More Details About Court Order

According to the filing, The actions of Spacey have cost MRC abundant as they had to remove Spacey from the lead role, fire him, pause the shoot of the sixth installation of House Of Cards, and shorten the series episodes to eight from 13. In the chaos, the team had to spend a lot of, otherwise productive time, which they lost running behind the case. They can now only finish 8 episodes before the actual deadline. 

The court document shows that throughout the process, MRC and other connected companies have lost tens of millions, which they climbed as compensation. 

Spacey’s lawyer in their filing had mentioned the exclusion of Spacey from portraying the centric role in House of Cards in the sixth season, saying that the decision came even before the commencement of the investigation which made the show crew members step up, ultimately aiming in saying that it would not be a violation of the contract.

The lawyer also argued that the loss faced by the series was not solely because of Spacey’s actions.

Followed by the evidentiary hearing, the ruling of the arbitrator came after three years of the legal fight, which was concealed from the public ears, until a panel of arbitrators rejected the appeal made by Spacey. 

Just when the #The MeToo movement gained popularity in 2017,  Spacey began to lose his stardom. His actions cost him his career, as the Oscar winner was removed from a number of projects including the House of Cards, where he played the role of a power-craving congressman, who finally receives the desired power by becoming the president. 

More Complaints Against Kevin Spacey

Apart from the recent allegation, Spacey had a court case in London where he was proved not guilty of the accusation that claimed that the superstar had sexually assaulted three adult men a long back.

The case commenced when Spacey was the director of the London Old Vic Theatre. Although the allegations were completely put down by his attorney, the face trial would be adjourned in 2023.

Another complaint against Spacey, stating he molested an 18-year-old boy was dismissed in 2019, by the prosecutors of Massachusetts. The list of Spacey’s lawsuits does not end there, for the actor had one more suit that was charged by the Rent star Anthony Rapp. in the filing, Rapp mentioned the sex abuse committed by Spacey while Rapp was a teenager, to which Spacey allegedly claimed that the 1980 allegations were entirely not true up to his knowledge. 

The lawsuit clearly explained the occurrence at the 1960 party, where Rapp went to Spacey’s home, who was 26 at the time and forced the young boy by touching and laying on him without his consent. Since the incident had no claims of Spacey touching the intimacy of the teen rapper, his attorney stated that it cannot be considered sexual abuse in that case. 

It is dished that the star has sealed a number of his cases from the public eye, to protect his goodwill and image. 

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