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Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Surviving Two Aneurysms!


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Daenerys Targaryen, well famous by the name Emilia Clarke, recently had a chat with BBC, which was on Sunday morning. In the chat, she opened her heart about the bad times she had gone through. She said she was fighting against aneurysms and faced them two times in her life.

One was in 2011 and the other in 2013. She still recollects the sufferings she had gone through. The time she was deadly surviving from aneurysms was the very same time during the filming of her fruitful HBO series. 

Game Of Thrones Fame Emilia Clarke Reveals About Surviving Two Aneurysms

The superhit series actress unwrapped that the main parts of her brain were missing due to the surgeries she was into to get back an everyday life. The actress showcased her words by showing gratitude to herself. Emilia remarked about her body which stood great during her hard times that she was able to restore her health in no time.

The actress is getting deeper into her past life. she said the majority amount of her brain is not in a usable state, and it seems to be amazing that she could still speak and live her life just as normal as before.

Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Surviving Two Aneurysms!

Emilia Clarke even continued her words, and she deeply explained her then condition and how she feels now. Although her health issue was deadly, she is still amazing looking at herself and her fast recovery.

She calls her recovery a miracle, and she is one in a small minority who survives even after being diagnosed with terrifying aneurysms two times. Emilia Clarke, 35, added that she was standing shocked, and the situation was dreadful after seeing her own scanning report of the brain. She found that two parts of her brain were missing, and she knew it was not quite a small missing. 

After diving deeper into her health condition she even explained about the stroke. ‘Basically, when you are diagnosed with a stroke, and it seems your brain is not getting enough blood or the blood flow is too low even for a  second, it will result in tragic condition’, Emilia added.

In such conditions, the blood will find its own way to get around. ‘What bit of the parts is missing, it’s just gone forever”, the actress said.

Strenuous Journey Of Emilia Clarke

The medical reports show that, even after her strenuous journey, the memory of Emilia Clarke is untouched. Her strong willpower and intense passion for her carrier made the beautiful young lady cope with the situation. 

As there is nothing more to express and reveal, with a clear mind, the actress is now on the track to play without skipping any more beats. 

For the first time, Emilia got diagnosed with aneurysms in the year 2011, and she started feeling the real discomforts surrounded by the disease. This all ensued right after season 1 of GOT was wrapped.  

Finally, while filming season 2 of GOT, Emilia thought each day in her life was the final, and she was all going to die. These words reflect her past health condition. And for now, the actress is doing good is busy achieving her career dreams. 


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