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June’s Boyfriend Proposes To Another Woman!!!


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Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson along with Mama June Shannon observed love all throughout the June 10 episode of the Mama June: Road To Redemption, but only one date survived the hour, and that changed into Alana’s.

“Mama June: Road To Redemption” – June’s Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend!!

June left Alana for her suspected new boyfriend after their data in Los Angeles, as they are nicely aware. June informed manufacturers that she had to assist a friend who was in recovery. Every person assumed she was hiding about a new romance. 

June's Boyfriend Proposes To Another Woman

And they had been accurate days after Alana back home to her sister, Pumpkin, in an article appearing, claiming that June had been aware of a person named Jordan and had altered into giving him a percent of coins for problems. The article even said that June offered Jordan a dollar 50K car. Alana, Pumpkin, and their sister, Jessica, could not agree with what they had been reading.

Mama June had additionally disappeared and did not show for some weeks. But despite the fact she did reappear, she stated she altered into going to tour across the country, supporting one man or woman laid low with addiction in each state. It changed into a pleasant idea, but it additionally took her far from Jordan, which she did not love. Even though she admitted her state of mind toward him on social media, she was concerned about what he was doing while she was not around.

Especially since he had stopped speaking to her for a few days. And June located quickly that she had cause to be worried because, whilst she changed into a way, Jordan had gotten engaged to a different girl. June later stated that falling in love with Jordan was the worst mistake she ever made. It is simply no longer clean if she regretted ditching her own circle of relatives for this new boy doll, who left her for each other girl so quickly upon getting her to shop for him in costly matters.

Meanwhile, Alana admitted to having a crush on someone, while Pumpkin noticed she had changed into putting on make-up and trying to look presentable before heading to school. Pumpkin prompted Alana that she can’t date anyone till she turns 16, and Alana specified that is great because, for now, she and the thriller boy are simply crushing on each other. But Pumpkin later went behind Alana’s back and used her smartphone to find out who she was crushing on.

At that time, she reflects on a meet-up with the thriller boy, so she ought to set some difficulties and advise him now no longer to harm Alana. But topics now no longer feel so fine. First off, Alana’s crush changed into the past due to his assembly with Pumpkin, later when she altered into speaking to him, he commenced laughing in her face. Their vocal argument altered into reduced off, even though it continued. So, there is a need to wait till next week to peer greater.

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