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Why Did Julia Fox Went Grocery Shopping In Her Underwear?


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The most recent outfit decision made by Julia Fox has the internet buzzing with excitement. The actress from Uncut Gems went grocery shopping on May 15, but it was not a routine outing by any imagination. Instead, the 32-year-old woman went with a bra and matching underwear set by Alexander Wang in black for her vacation attire. 

Julia Fox Explains Why She Went Grocery Shopping In Her Underwear

Denim knee-high boots, a denim bag, and a denim jacket were the final touches on her provocative outfit. On Twitter, users had a variety of opinions regarding Julia’s choice of clothing. “When Julia Fox does her errands while wearing only her underwear, she qualifies as a style icon. Someone else said, “Julia Fox is hot and all, but that is unfit,” while a third person said, “Julia Fox is hot and all, but that is inappropriate to be out grocery shopping in.”

Why Did Julia Fox Went Grocery Shopping In Her Underwear

The actress stated on her Instagram Stories after her dress became viral on social media, “I simply think that if it’s socially acceptable at a beach, it should be the same everywhere else,” after her attire received a lot of attention online. It’s not the first time Julia’s fashion choices have gotten people talking, and it won’t be the last. Kim Kardashian came out in Los Angeles wearing low-rise denim leggings with the waistband cut off and a homemade bandeau top less than one month after Kanye West and Kim Kardashian revealed their high-profile breakup.

Julia completed her look by donning a denim backpack and knee-high, pointy-toed jean boots, both of which she sported at the supermarket the day before as part of her everyday attire. 

Later, she trimmed the waistband of her jeans and provided a video tutorial on Instagram, demonstrating how she adds some do-it-yourself elements into her appearances by doing things like that. Fox’s photo description reads, “I also used what I took off to make the bandeau.” After using up all of my latex supplies, the only material I have left is denim. 

How does Julia keep the zipper of her jeans from falling? Fans claim that she clarified that “crazy glue at the top keeps it from sliding off!” response to a question. Temperatures in Los Angeles are rising as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter; yet, Julia Fox appears to have found a way to keep calm despite these rising temperatures. 

Emerging images show the model, actress, artist, and muse going across a grocery store parking lot in California while wearing only a black bra and underwear. The finishing touches on her risqué look were a pair of slouchy denim boots and a pair of light slacks repurposed as a shoulder bag. She complimented her look with a couple of boxy black spectacles and a pair of gold hoops as her accessories.

After her brief romance with Kanye West, Fox gained widespread recognition for her provocative and cutting-edge fashion sense. She isn’t hesitant to experiment with fashion, whether it’s showing off the straps of her thong or turning a Hanes tank top into the centerpiece of an entire outfit. The actress from “Uncut Gems” talked about the pressures she feels to conform to specific fashion norms and conventions in Hollywood in an interview with “The Cut” published in February of this year.


It was reported that they were concerned that the photographs were too editorial or too sexualized.  She just shrugged it off when she realized that my only choice was to become less exciting and more Hollywood-like in my appearance. She remarked, but if she wants to wear crazy stuff, which she wants to wear, I’m going to fuck that narrative. But if she wants to wear weird things, which is what she wants to wear, she said.

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