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What Happened To Johnny Depp’s Finger? How Did His Finger Get Severed?


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On Monday, a hand surgeon testified that Johnny Depp could not have lost the tip of his middle finger as he alleged in his civil action against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

According to a complaint filed against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Depp’s finger was injured during a fight in Australia in March 2015. Heard allegedly injured Depp with a vodka bottle he threw at him. Actress Amber Heard had previously alleged that she was not present when Johnny Depp physically attacked her with a wine bottle.

Jack Nicholson has sued Heard in Fairfax County Circuit Court for libel after she wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post in December 2018 that described her as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” His lawyers contend that despite the fact that his name was never mentioned in the article, it defamed him.

Depp Claims Amber Heard Was An Abusive Partner!

Depp alleges that Heard was the abusive partner and denies ever punching her. Heard has alleged that Depp physically abused her more than a dozen times. As jurors were shown horrific photographs of the injury, surgeon Richard Moore testified about the amputated finger. It was alleged that Johnny Depp described his palm as being on a bar when the bottle hit it.

What Happened To Johnny Depp's Finger How Did His Finger Get Severed

When asked about Johnny Depp‘s claim that his fingernail was amputated, Moore, a physician who did not treat Depp, said that it seemed unlikely. As Depp explained his hand position, Moore stated that the fingernail was exposed and would have been injured.

According to Moore, the glass that cracked when his hand came into touch with it would have caused additional damage to the rest of his hand.

It wasn’t until a few days after the incident that Depp alerted pals and sent text messages that Amber Heard had sliced his finger. At one point, he claimed, his finger had become stuck between two substantial accordion doors.

At That Time, Depp Lied To protect Heard

Depp believes he lied to protect Heard. According to Moore’s testimony, the injuries were caused by having one’s finger pressed in accordion doors. Week six of the trial has begun. Despite the couple’s turbulent relationship, this week’s evidence in the trial was quite routine.

His attorneys were supposed to call Depp to the testimony on Monday, but he never appeared. It’s still up in the air whether or not to contact Heard, according to his lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft.

After four days of cross-examinations from Depp and Heard, the jurors had a good idea of what they were in for. Depp’s behavior, according to a psychiatrist who testified Monday, resembles that of a person whose substance abuse contributes to domestic violence.

Lawyer Wayne Dennison Questioned The psychiatrist That He Never Evaluated Depp

On Monday, Kathryn Arnold, a Heard industry specialist, was grilled by Dennison about her assertion that Heard missed out on a potential $40 million to $50 million when another Depp lawyer dismissed Heard’s abuse claims as a “hoax.”

Heard has launched a lawsuit against Depp based on these statements. To show where Heard’s career may have gone if Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman hadn’t defamed her, Arnold said she compared Heard’s career to other “similar” actors including Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Zendaya.

It was clear that Dennison was irritated by the idea that Heard was on par with those celebrities. While Heard’s role as Mera in the “Aquaman” franchise has been praised by critics, Heard’s role in the upcoming “Aquaman” sequel is more of a “buddy comedy,” according to the director. As Arnold put it, “Heard is just on the cusp of an incredible career.”


A growing number of people have been following the study as it has progressed. In order to get one of the 100 public seats in the courtroom, many camped out overnight and fought over line positions.

During a breakfast break, one woman professed her enthusiasm for Depp and wondered when he would reveal that he was the father of the child she was carrying. She was led out of the courtroom by a security guard.


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