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Coco Austin Was Dragged For Pushing Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Chanel In A Stroller!!


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Chanel Austin, who is six years old, is getting in trouble with her mother, Coco Austin, for pushing herself around in a stroller. Since the blonde beauty released a photo of her family, including her husband Ice and daughter T Chanel, reclining in a baby stroller, there has been a growing backlash against her. The backlash has been building since the photo was posted.

Still Riding In A Stroller

On Sunday, Austin, 43 years old, authored the description for the shot and uploaded it to Instagram. Her mother made a face at her daughter and stated, “Chanel is done with it, except for one thing,” alluding to the expression on her daughter’s face. “Her face alters” in the span of a single split second.

Coco Austin dragged for pushing daughter Chanel, 6, in stroller

They couldn’t help but leave a comment on the post, and some of the things they said included, “She appears to have outgrown her stroller” and “Isn’t she like six years old?!!” Shouldn’t she have already gotten rid of the stroller at this point? 

Because she is a few years younger than my 6-year-old and hasn’t been in a stroller in a very long time, your child has a higher risk of being bullied, in my opinion, than my child does.

Ice-T and Austin don’t seem to mind making sure that their “baby manicure “‘s is level, even though it appears that they want to discourage their “child” from using her feet. As was indicated before, Chanel’s parents gave their permission for her to get French-tipped fake nails put when she was five years old. The expression of opinion began almost instantaneously, as was to be expected.

One person’s comment that nails are inappropriate for their age garnered almost a thousand “likes” from other readers. When it comes to guiding how to bring up a young girl of five years of age, “come on. A second client observed that it is “very bizarre,” describing the event as such. 

Since then, Austin has received criticism for breastfeeding her baby, who is referred to as a “boob fanatic.” Ice-T and Austin finally broke their silence on their daughter Chanel’s drinking habits in 2019, the same year that they disclosed that they plan for Chanel to sleep with them in the future. This came after years of defending the controversial parenting choices they made with their daughter.

When Whitney Houston shared a photo of her newborn daughter with a frowning expression while sitting in her stroller, the general public reacted adversely. He captioned an image from Austin’s Instagram account published on Sunday. 

Blonde smoldering bombshell that a great deal of criticism has been leveled at Whitney Houston as a direct result of a photograph on Instagram showing her daughter Chanel being pushed around in a baby carriage. She referred to her daughter when she added, “Chanel is utterly over it unless anything is amazing to watch.” 

Her daughter’s grim visage revealed that she was ultimately over it. It seems as though she can completely alter the expression on her face in an instant. According to the observations of one of the commenters, “She seems to be over being in a baby stroller.” Someone else said, “Isn’t she only about six years old?” 


Shouldn’t she have already emerged from the stroller by this point? You are still responsible for giving her the room she needs to develop into an adult even though she may be your last child. 

A third individual suggested that she may fare better if she rode in a wagon. When it comes to giving their “baby” the best possible manicure, Austin and Ice-T are more than eager to comply with whatever requests she may have.

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