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John Madden’s Net Worth! What Disease Does John Madden Have? Wife, Height, Age, Cause Of Death


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On Tuesday, December 28, 2021, early in the morning, legendary NFL announcer and football coach John Madden passed away suddenly. He had reached the age of 85, and the reason for his death is still a mystery. Madden did have open-heart surgery in 2015. He also took a medical leave of absence from coaching in 1978 due to stomach ulcers.

The Oakland Raiders won seven AFC championship games and one Super Bowl under Madden’s leadership in 1976. Fans fell in love with his passionate and expressive manner and intimidating presence when he transitioned from coaching to the broadcast booth. However, Madden is best known as a television presenter for the computer game “Madden NFL Football.” For the rest of his life, the beloved sportscaster reaped the benefits of this broad and diverse profession.

What Is John Madden’s Net Worth?

There was a $200 million fortune in Madden’s bank account. In the NFL, John Madden had a distinguished playing and coaching career. Madden’s net worth as of January 2021 was approximately $220 million as a former football coach and American sportscaster. Football players and coaches are brought in for this kind of money by him. 

After he gave up coaching, John continued to work in sports media. John, one of the most famous NFL players, is known for his constant criticism of other players, but he also provides them advice and recommendations on how to better their game. In his coaching career, John gave some talks.

John Madden's Net Worth! What Disease Does John Madden Have Wife, Height, Age, Cause Of Death

It’s not only sports that John enjoys; he’s also an accomplished author, having published several books on various aspects of his life. Throughout the history of American football, Madden has been referred to as “the great warrior.” Throughout his career, he earned several prizes and conducted numerous seminars.

America’s most famous sportscaster and football coach are Madden. His name will forever be linked to two Super Bowl titles with his squad when it comes to winning championships as a professional coach. While Madden has always had a passion for athletics, he also developed a wealth of knowledge in various other areas during his career.

Where Was John Madden Born And Raised?

April 10, 1936, saw John Madden being brought into the world in Austin, Minnesota. His father relocated the family to California so that he could find work as an auto mechanic in the state and explore other employment options. John was still a young man at the time and had spent most of his childhood and adolescence growing up in a rural community directly to the south of San Francisco. 

After beginning his education in a Catholic institution, he transferred to Jefferson High School to complete his secondary education. When Madden was a student in high school, he wasted no time establishing himself as a valuable contributor to the school’s football squad. John was a young athlete with a lot of potential because of his skill and versatility. He showed promise in both the offensive and defensive positions. In addition to that, he demonstrated skill as a baseball player. 

How Did She Begin Her Career?

John Madden went to college to acquire his teaching degree when he took time out to heal from an injury to his knee. At this time, he was also attending meetings with Norm Van Brocklin, whose career was ending. The former quarterback played some football game highlights from Madden and described what was happening in each play. As Madden gained more knowledge about education, he began to see connections between his teaching education and football. The next logical step was to pursue a career in coaching.

Full NameJohn Earl Madden
Date Of BirthApril 10, 1936
Net Worth$200 million
SpouseVirginia Fields
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight95 kg
DiedDecember 28, 2021

By the time the year 1960 rolled around, Madden was working at Allan Hancock College as an assistant coach. After another year had passed, he was promoted to head coach. After that, San Diego State University made him an assistant defensive coach until 1966, when the university’s football team was regarded among the best in the country. During this time, he worked under the strategic genius Don Coryell, to whom Madden would later give credit for his achievements as a coach in the National Football League.

Madden started a distinguished and long-lasting career as a color commentator and analyst almost immediately after he hung up his coaching cleats. After some time, he rose to the ranks to become one of the most in-demand television personalities in American sport, earning wages in the multi-million dollar range. 

John Madden Net Worth

He was a great National Football League player, sportscaster, and entrepreneur who had accumulated a net worth of $200 million at the time of his passing. John Madden passed away on December 28, 2021, when he was 85. 

Although Madden had a prosperous coaching career in the National Football League (NFL), he is arguably best remembered today for what he did after he retired from football. After becoming a very well-liked commentator in the NFL, he lent his name to the franchise of one of the most commercially successful video game series of all time, “Madden NFL.”

John Madden Net Worth

In addition to being a well-known writer, John Madden often contributed his likeness to commercials for various companies and products. He was the first broadcaster in history to receive a salary of $1 million. In addition, he was one of the first artists to make over one million dollars through sponsorships in a single year. The “Madden” video game was responsible for the vast majority of Madden’s current wealth of $200 million.

Who Is John Madden Wife?

In Pismo Beach, California, Madden and Virginia Field met in a tavern. Later, in 1959, the couple married. Joseph and Michael were the names of their two sons born to the couple. They now reside in Pleasanton, California, and are happily married.

Michael attended Harvard University, where he was a member of the Harvard football team, while Joseph attended Brown University and was a member of the Brown football team.

Awards And Honors Received By John Madden

Throughout his long career in sports, John Madden has earned several trophies and accolades, making him a household name. John won two Super Bowls as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. In addition, he received other honors, including the following:

Football Hall of Fame induction in 2002 was a radio and television award for Pete Rozelle. Sports Hall of Fame of the Bay Area The Hall of Fame of the State of California NSSA Hall of Fame inductee and 1984 NSSA National Sportscaster of the Year

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John Madden was among the first celebrities to make more than $1 million a year through sponsorships in the 1980s. Miller Lite, Exxon, McDonald’s, Canon, and Ramada Inn were his 1980s sponsors. His Tenactin sponsorship arrangement is perhaps the most enduring part of his legacy. The late Madden also had endorsement arrangements with Ace Hardware, Outback, Verizon Wireless, Miller Lite, and Toyota later in his life.


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