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Jason Derulo Buys His Ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes A $3.6 Million Luxury Home


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Jason Derulo, the American singer, dancer, and songwriter, disbursed $3.6 million for a jaw-dropping home in the Los Angeles area for his ex-girlfriend, Jena Frumes. He made his wallet open for the very exact woman who accused the singer publicly of cheating on her.

Literally, the TikTok star and the singer documented and owned the property in March. The star bought a stupefying 4,864-square-foot home. He spent such a tremendous portion of his conservancies for Jena, his ex-girlfriend with whom he shares a one-year-old baby boy, Jason King.

Jason Derulo Buys His Ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes A $3.6 Million Luxury Home

It’s not speculation that the home they owned is a comprehensive white mansion holding an extensive swimming pool, waterfall, and built-in spa. Again, the home features five stunning bedrooms, highly spacious bathrooms, a BBQ area, an outdoor farmhouse, and a mandatory soundproof movie theater.

Jason Derulo Buys His Ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes A $3.6 Million Luxury Home

The couple shockingly detached in late September 2021, and they together called it ‘quits’. But even after their spit-up, the pair seems to be very friendly with each other despite the cheating allegations shot against the actor by his ex.

The split-up was made right after welcoming their first son. But the love they still hold for each other showcases the fact that they still long to stay together. The swanky features of the home will surely keep Jason Derulo and Frumes supercomfortable without any fail. The fans of both got shocked and confused at the same time. They got spooked by hearing the price he spent for owning the home and got confounded about their to-date relationship. 

Jena Frumes came forward to express her heartbroken feelings that she faced from Jason Derulo She said that he was unfaithful to her by all means. The purchase of the home came months prior to her reveal about Jason DeruloIn late June, a troll was made, and she was questioned connected to the photo she posted back. It even criticized her life.

The person who trolled her was very brutal in his words against Jena. he questioned her relationship with Jason Derulo and as they are not married, the unknown even mentioned their child as a bastard. He didn’t stop there, he proceeded on to describe her stupid role as an imaginary wife. He then interrogated her morals. 

For this very same post, Jena reacted in a very peaceful way. She answered all the person’s queries one by one. She said that she wouldn’t call herself a wife and that the situation was unfortunate and not favorable. Jason Derulo once put forward a plan of getting married but Jena proposed to be in a relationship other than getting married. And the couple together finalized to be single. Jena added that the couple generally likes to keep their love life very private, and they kept quiet to stay away from people who come to judge other’s life with bad intentions”.


Later, Jena shared a post on Instagram, and she made a story by writing in it. She pointed out that women don’t deserve to be treated badly and judged in a very particular way. No woman desires to be single or be into parenting alone. The words she opened up showed that it was not her mistake but she is ready to face the fact to be alone. 

The model even added that if a man consistently wishes his women to be different every single week over his family, no woman will accept that. This is what she had done. Such doings from a man will never make his women happy, and they cannot move forward to make a successful family. She shared his thoughts in depth that, she is not a girl who likes to share her lover as she loves him with all her heart. Before understanding the whole story of the real face of truth, stop judging women and their single mother life.

Dating someone who is rich is not all women need, it’s all about true love and care. And above all, the partner should be loyal and serious in the relationship built between two personalities.

Jena didn’t work out to be the best in life and she never trained herself in performing her role at her best. She is what she really is and ended up the story by saying leave her alone. Till now even after their split up, Jena and Jason seemed to be co-parenting well. They love their son and wish to be there for him. The photos they share on social media platforms clearly reflect their deep love for Jason King. In a recent snap, Jason was spotted tightly holding his son and placing him on his lap. 

Whatever allegations made by Jena, the love Jason holds in his heart for her and their son could be seen in his recent doings. The fans of both are expecting a strong reunion of the couple to happen soon. 

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