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Revealed! Honey Boo Boo And Pumpkin Say No Idea About Mama June Surprise Wedding!


In March, “Mama June” Shannon married Justin Stroud in a secret ceremony, according to at least two of her daughters.

Mama June announced to her admirers in June that she had secretly married her lover Justin Stroud in March, much to the amazement of her many admiring followers on Twitter.

Honey Boo And Pumpkin Revealed About Mama June Surprise Wedding!

In an interview two of the reality star’s daughters that they had no idea, that their mother had married her 34-year-old boyfriend when she broke the news. According to the narrator, “We were completely unaware of it.”

Honey Boo And Pumpkin Revealed About Mama June Surprise Wedding!

There was also a “receipt” in the mail stating Mama June had applied for a marriage certificate, according to Lauryn, although Mama June denies this. “I only recently asked her about it. She vehemently refuted the allegations. When she finally said, “I got married,” she said, “and we were just stunned,” she said.

Asked whether she had feelings for Stroud, 34, Efird sounded disappointed that she and Thompson had been excluded from the wedding, which Shannon later described as a “spur of the moment.”

It’s fine with Efird if she doesn’t want us to be a part of it, she said.

Honey Boo Boo revealed that her mother had repeatedly expressed the hope that she would never remarry, which was another factor contributing to the magnitude of the celebration. As a child, my mother insisted that she would never get married, and this surprised me much. My mother, on the other hand, has changed a lot,” Alana reflected.

After Geno Doak and Alana were arrested on drug possession charges, Lauryn was given temporary custody of Alana, and their relationship has been difficult ever since. In April, Alana’s legal guardian, Lauryn, was given sole custody of the child. June 13 was the date Mama June released her statement defending the court decision, and she stated that Alana had simply “chosen” to live with her sister. “Most people have no idea what joint custody means. No one has “lost custody” in this situation.

Her relationship with him was also mentioned. “I am aware of her presence, and we do communicate. We communicate,” the mother of four said. “So it wasn’t like there was any difference at all. The only difference is that she isn’t sitting right here alongside me in my home every day.”

A new romance has blossomed for Alana, who first gained notoriety on the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. The 20-year-old Drain, to whom she introduced her family in season six of Mama June: Road To Redemption, is the man she’s dating these days. When Josh Efird, Lauryn’s husband, gave Alana’s boyfriend a classic “protecting brother or father” speech, Lauryn seemed to embrace him. I’m going to shatter your neck if you don’t listen,” he said.

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