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Hannah Gosselin Reveals Why She Decided To Live With Her Father Jon!!


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Hannah Gosselin, daughter of Jon and Kate Gosselin, spoke candidly with Entertainment Tonight about the current state of her relationship with her mother and how she feels about living with her father as she approaches the age of 18 this year.

Reasons Behind Hannah Gosselin’s Choice To Reside With Her Father Jon

Kevin Frazier interviewed Jon and Hannah on Tuesday. Throughout the conversation, the three of them broached the topic of Hannah’s decision to relocate away from her mother’s home and the four younger siblings who lived there with her.

Hannah Gosselin Reveals Why She Decided To Live With Her Father Jon!!

“I had the distinct impression that I single-handedly chose to move in with my father. My father and I have a history of having a good and healthy connection, as seen by our closeness throughout the years. According to Hannah, “As a youngster growing up in a household with a high number of children, it may be taxing.” 

When it comes to the attention you receive from your parents, you do not indeed have a one-on-one relationship with them. It seemed that my father was always there for me and that our relationship was strong.

Hannah and her brother Collin have been living with Jon permanently since August of 2021. Leah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden, the other four sextuplets, continue to call Kate’s home their primary residence. In addition, Cara and Madelyn, who are now in their college years, are Jon and Kate’s twin daughters.

Hannah described choosing to separate from her brothers as “difficult.” “I didn’t want to be cut off from them, including having to live in a different household,” she said. “On the other hand, I had a strong desire to go in with my father since I believed my mother was unfair to me,” you say.

Hannah asserts that she maintains consistent contact with her mother and believes she is “doing OK.”

We don’t check in with one another by asking, “Oh, how’s your life going?” or anything along those lines. Daily, the greeting is more like, “Oh, how’s your day?” However, I have no reason to doubt that she is doing well. Hannah offered her thoughts. In addition to that, “I’m positive that my younger siblings are thriving as well.”

According to Hannah, her mother sent her a birthday message on May 10, when she turned 18, after celebrating her 18th birthday on May 10.

“You should know that she wished me a happy birthday. You should know that she sent me a text message telling me that she loved me and that it was terrific on my birthday. She is not bashful about divulging information.

Additionally, she claimed that her siblings, who do not share her household, celebrated each other’s birthdays by sending birthday wishes via text message.

She freely acknowledges that she longs for her younger siblings. “Oh, absolutely, I do,” she replies enthusiastically. Because we all share the same birthday, today is a great and historic day for the three of us. As soon as I came out of bed, they greeted me with “happy birthday” wishes, and I responded in kind by wishing them the same.

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