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Giannina Gibelli Says Her Romance With Blake Horstmann Might Annoy Fans!



Giannina Gibelli thinks her relationship with Blake Horstmann may not pique the interest of the general public, but Giannina Gibelli couldn’t give a damn. According to sources, in January when they were dating, they met on MTV’s All-Star Store. Fans can now follow their love story as it unfolds in the upcoming season of a reality competition.

Giannina Gibelli Says ‘All Star Shore’ Viewers ‘May Get Annoyed’ By Her Relationship With Blake Horstmann!!

That we were open about our feelings and comfortable with each other is what Giannina, 29, believes is reasonable to say. Surely you can sort this out in the other room? There’s no sign of her boyfriend. His wife longs for him. She is the envy of everyone.  She continues, “By the end, you might become irritated with us, but we were in complete happiness. Like, we were on our honeymoon. She honestly doesn’t care, so.”

Giannina Gibelli Say 'All Star Shore' Viewers 'May Get Annoyed' By Her Relationship With Blake Horstmann

Giannina met Damian Powers on Love Is Blind, the show in which she first came to public attention. However, it was revealed in the Love Is Blind that the couple had dated for several years after they decided not to get married at the altar Finally, she formally announced it to the world in August of last year. At the All Star Store, Giannina met Blake, 33, a new partner she “wasn’t expecting.” Blake turned out to be exactly what Giannina needed.

It’s her belief that he appeared familiar to her when she first saw him because she had seen him in one of his Bachelorette commercials. The fact that she recognized his face and thought, ‘Oh, you’re familiar.’ despite not having watched the show at all surprised her. He simply looked at me with a wide grin on his face. The fact that he is such a genuine person and a joy to be around, she says, made her want to spend time getting to know him and soaking up his vibe.

Giannina Gibelli Says Her Romance With Blake Horstmann Might Annoy Viewers

“He was very at ease. We were already positioned next to one another, like Velcro, within the first few hours of getting to know him. All the time, we were like sticky tape.”  Despite the fact that the two had a romance on the show, All Star Store is not about falling in love. This is a first-of-its-kind competition in which the cast members of The Only Way Is Essex, as well as Jersey Shore, are pitted against each other in a series of party-style tasks for a cash prize.

Giannina claims to have invented a smaller version of this while she was in college, but it’s now so large that it’s incredibly dangerous. “It can’t be compared to my college years, though. These well-known games are ones you’re familiar with, yet they take place on an entirely new playing ground. She has always been active. So, she thought that she got this. It will probably be a little challenging, but not too challenging. ”

“Then, she had a small incident that you’ll have to see if she survived or not, and she awoke to find herself covered in nothing but bruises. However, it was undoubtedly incredibly taxing on our bodies, ” Giannina added.  June 29 is the date for the premiere of All Star Shore at Paramount+.

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