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The Favourite Love Is Blind’s Deepti Gives An Update On Kyle Rumors


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Without the help of Deepti and Kyle, we are guessing that the pair may have found love outside of the pods. Though the pair didn’t confirm anything about their relationship the rumors have surrounded the Love Blind season 2 alums for months. Deepti said to E! News that she doesn’t want to say anything about that though she and Kyle have curated a great show.

Deepti Said To E! News That She Doesn’t Want To Say Anything About That

She also added that the audience will just have to wait and see what happens with their story. When Deepti faced a question about how they two became close, she replied that ‘ originally over time, just as normal friendships tend to evolve’.

The Favourite Love Is Blind's Deepti Gives An Update On Kyle Rumors

She continued ‘ it’s how it happened to us. There is no pressure.’ They spend many times together, they are related  to each other, so that’s cool.’

What Did Kyle Say?

The fans of the Netflix reality show started speculating that the romance was blossoming between them.  Kyle said that he has his biggest regret that he did not propose to Deepti. He also said that he should have tried harder and he loves her so much, she is the best. He wishes he saw what was right in front of him and that’s his biggest regret.  Although the announcement of love surprised the viewers Deepti did not seem shocked after knowing that announcement of Kyle. 

The Opinion Of Deepti:

In March 2022, Deepti said to the New York Magazine that there are a lot of people who don’t know that she and Kyle had a really deep connection in the pods and he was her number two person, so it was not out of the blue.

They just have a foundation bond that was heartwarming and so wet to hear. As for the rumors about their relationship, she said that the speculation is hilarious to her. They were playing with fans just a little bit, it was funny. Kyle and she have a beautiful bonding as a friend. 

In early March, Kyle posted a video clip from an event. In the clip, he was panning over to reveal Deepti standing behind him before she smiled at the camera. After that day, Kyle shared another video clip from the Chicago Fire soccer game featuring a hand that appeared to belong to his fellow contestant.

In the pods, the Love Is Blind star Deepti has accepted the proposal which was come from Abhishek Chatterjee before calling it quits on their wedding day in the finale.

According to Deepti, ‘ there are a lot of things that he said that he didn’t say to my face and I have heard from other cast members,’ she said to US Weekly exclusively in February. Deepti said that nobody has any doubt about her and she deserves the best, it’s as if anyone would not be able to offer her then there is no chance of her staying.


It is clear whether Kyle can propose to her the things she is looking for in a relationship. The pair started teasing that they are not only friends rather they are more than that.


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