HomenewsSeries"More Human"!! Evan Rachel Wood About Her 'Westworld' Season 4 Role

“More Human”!! Evan Rachel Wood About Her ‘Westworld’ Season 4 Role


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Every season of Westworld feels like Evan Rachel Wood has portrayed a new character. She played the farmhouse damsel Dolores in Season 1, a mechanical “host” designed to be a subdued background figure who could be either defended or assaulted for the enjoyment of visitors to a high-tech park.

In Season 2, she managed to escape her programming and take on the persona of Wyatt, a more aggressive robot rebel leader. Season 3 introduced Dolores’ dual nature and the clone of herself she created in Charlotte Hale’s robotic body (Tessa Thompson). Wood states that she is portraying “an entirely different character” in season 4.

Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Her “Much More Human” Character In ‘Westworld’ Season 4!!

Wood’s character Dolores passed away during the third season’s events, but she makes a comeback in the newest batch of episodes as Christina, a writer who lives in what appears to be a futuristic New York City. (Manhattan, particularly the High Line, served as the location for some of the season 4 shooting.) Christina’s roommate is Ariana DeBose, a West Side Story Oscar winner, and James Marsden, whose character Teddy passed away in season 2, comes back. Presently, Marsden portrays a gentleman who meets Christina on a date.

More Human!! Evan Rachel Wood About Her 'Westworld' Season 4 Role

It’s reasonable to suppose that Christina and Marsden’s characters share a strange connection that makes Dolores seem like Wood and Teddy like Marsden.

In a talk with her fellow cast members, Woods tells about her character, “She’s a lot more human this season, so that was great for me. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Christina is a real person. The new puzzle includes the piece.

I think the treat for me was really getting to be vulnerable and somewhat human in season 4, the actress said.

For a video series, Evan Rachel Wood discussed everything related to season 4 with Thompson, Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, and Angela Sarafyan.

The events of Westworld continue up many years after the season 3 conclusion, and all of the characters are drastically different than they were before, whether mentally, physically, or both! Not having to play in the mud, fire weapons, or act out action scenarios made Wood feel weird.

Normally, the show is physically taxing in every manner, but this season, Wood says, “I felt like [Christina’s] a little more of a geek.” She is a geeky, reclusive writer who is simply trying to survive in the big city.

In this uninteresting world she lives in, Wood says, “She longs for beauty, romance, and poetry.” “She is able to recognize when anything is odd in her environment, much like Dolores, and she has the attitude to actively challenge it. This season is full of analogies for conspiracy theories, such as: Is it more insane to believe that there is something else going on under the surface about which we should inquire, or is it more insane to take everything at face value and never question anything? That’s where Christina seems to be at the start of this season, in my opinion.”


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