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Erika Jayne Was Served With A $50 Million Lawsuit While Returning From Hawaii


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Erika Girardi, known professionally as Erika Jayne, was handed a racketeering lawsuit upon her return from her luxury getaway from Hawaii. As soon as the American Singer, Erica Jayne stepped out of the lax, she was confronted by a lady holding two thick stacks of documents, who handed them over to The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fame. 

Erika Jayne Was Served With A $50 Million Lawsuit

Right after checking out from the Los Angeles International Airport, Erika was invited to the jangling true colors of her life, which was different from the posh days she spent in a luxurious Maui Airbnb along with her co-stars Daina Jenkins and Lisa Rinna

The trio spends five nights in a lavish hotel that generally costs $205,000 a month. What a load of money bags they must have had!

Erika Jayne Was Served With A $50 Million Lawsuit While Returning From Hawaii

The XXPEN$IVE singer landed back from Hawaii on Friday night, July 22, following which she had to meet her reality stuffed in papers where a $50 million lawsuit was hidden. The reality TV star was told that the stack was the complaints on her name and the magnate literally grabbed and tore the 60-paged mound before the random lady’s eyes, who was waiting for the arrival of the singer just to deliver the draft.

While returning from her brief vacation, Erika Jayne was spotted wearing sweatpants and sneakers and the big shot was wearing a mask for her protection but it seemed like she was not wearing any makeup. Though she rocked her look paired with a top bun, topped with a Gucci duffle bag.

The lawsuit was filed with a number of lawbreaking crimes committed by the singer as well as a receipt of stolen property. The proceedings were filed by Edelson PC, an American Plaintiff’s law firm that focuses mainly on consumer protection laws and client investigations.

According to the conspiracies highlighted by the firm, Erika and Thomas Girardi have been misappropriating the client settlement money for a long time to mock up a bed of roses for both.

It seems like the duo’s eyes were hooked upon hog heaven that the pair were creating for themselves. The suit also claimed that the singer’s enterprise, EJ Global, aimed to channel money illegally from Girardi Keese, another law firm.

The statements in the litigation make it crystal clear that the television actress was living as an Elysium with the looted money, after being the frontman for the crime. The One Hot Pleasure singer must not have thought about such a backstab after her coming back from the luxe trip. Apart from the aforementioned charges, Erika was accused of a total of nine actions that she was blamed for. 

Though she was freed, there was another allegation on her name for racketeering of which another lawsuit was filed by Jay Edelson in April, which was limited in varied ways. Jay Edelson has recently reacted to the current lawsuit charged against Erika stating that the former case was quite different from the current. Now, the suit is seen following the claims of the clients unlike before.

Erika Jayne Was Served With A $50 Million Lawsuit While Returning From Hawaii

Though she has these cases on her list, the singer has successfully loosened herself from the ties so far playing innocent.

In the reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika told about how awful she was feeling to have been entitled to someone, other than her true self. She also mentioned about Tom, that she was hoping for him to also turn out innocent of the claims. 

In one of the recent episodes, the Pretty Mess singer was found talking about her marriage and divorce as she was reported to have said that the singer was apparently not in a rush to divorce her husband. 

It was funnier that in another sighting Erika herself told that she would better stay in the marriage with Tom, otherwise she would be asked to pay alimony, which in the other case she can save. She also put light on another fact that the pair cannot opt for divorce amidst the fog spread regarding their financial scandal. 

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Erika talked in such a sense that her words impacted her in a way that meant that she was waiting for the chaos to get over so that she could split with her husband and live separately, filing a legal divorce. 

In one of Hawaii snaps, the trio, Including Erika, Rinna, and the new face Diana Jenkins, was seen sitting on a lounge, immersed in their ladies- talk, with their drinks placed on the table in front. The actresses were sitting outside their villa, however, it is unknown what their topic of suggestion was.


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