HomenewsSeriesThe Endgame Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: "Beauty And The Beast"!!

The Endgame Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “Beauty And The Beast”!!


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In Endgame Season 1 Episodes 9, Doak tries to keep a protesting public away from the federal reserve after a serial skeptic reveals a world’s awareness of counterfeit gold. Doak is forcing the throng to disperse before the president arrives. While on the scene, Rogelio gets a call from Val at Fort Trotten. 

“Beauty And The Beast”, The Truth Has Been Revealed!!

The truth has been revealed. The gold in the government reserve matches the gold in the president’s mine, but it isn’t enough to bring him to justice. Val verifies that she, Rogelio, Federova, and Anthony are the only ones who know the truth, and Rogelio advises her to keep the circle closed until they learn more. 

The Endgame Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: "Beauty And The Beast"!!

The president greets everyone with a professional smile, but he’s enraged by the melting gold. Doak goes out of his way to assure the president that he has the task under control, and the president orders Rogelio to discover the gold by the end of the day or resign as FBI Director.

On his way out, the president requests that Doak submit his results directly to him, and Doak inquires about the offer made by Chief of Staff Swanstrom. 

If Doak can stop Federova and, more significantly, confirm the president’s innocence, the president will guarantee him the promotion. Elena explains that her objective at Fort Trotten is simple: to prove the president’s guilt and have him imprisoned. She starts telling Val a story about a girl in a box, despite his protests. 

Trying to Find the Doll

When Doak and his team begin to uncover evidence implicating the president’s secret service agents, one agent instructs him to halt his investigation and return to Republic Bank instead. The president has demanded the names of all the agents who were investigating the gold’s disappearance. 

When Rogelio calls to warn her about the president’s plot to seize the Republic Bank, Val is convinced Elena sent them there as a distraction. She and Anthony make their way to the only other bank that Snow White still has possession of. 

Val is candid about Federova’s chances if they don’t discover the doll in the bank, and she inquires about what Elena has left for her with the Snow White operatives. The secret service discovers an empty doll at Doak’s bank, but a doll carrying a flash drive is discovered at Val’s bank. Snow White surrenders Windsor Fidelity bank as soon as Val obtains the doll, putting all seven banks back under government control.

Throes of Death

Owen is shady in Peekskill, hiding a smartphone in a book and using it to connect with someone before burying it beneath the bench. Sergey sees it right away and returns his attention to Owen’s phone hiding spot.

Elena is made to kneel in the leaves outside of Fort Trotten before being buried alive in an unmarked grave by the secret agency. Lady Belok, according to Agent Gallo, intended for her to suffer. Rogelio and Val see a video of the president pleading with Lady Belok to assassinate his opponents and mentioning stealing the federal reserve gold for her inside an unmarked van.

Val believes none of them could be safe unless they can figure out where the president is hiding the gold. Finally, the president dials Val’s number and inquires about the contents of the matryoshka doll.

If the president does not resign, Val promises that she will leak the footage. The president alleges Lady Belok has enraged her and that he hopes Elena has prepared her for what is to come. The trucks carrying stolen federal reserve gold buttons prepare to leave Peekskill.

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