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Emily Ratajkowski Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Career!


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Model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski has become a cultural icon in the United States due to her undeniable sex appeal and impeccable style. Since birth, Ratajkowski has wanted to be an actress, and she eventually pursued that goal.

Things To Know About Emily Ratajkowski Net Worth, Personal Life, Career!

Following a brief acting career as a child, she became a model as an adult and has been in demand ever since. Compared to other models, Ratajkowski stood out due to her willingness to explore unconventional topics, including nudity.

Things To Know About Emily Ratajkowski Net Worth, Personal Life, Career

She went to many nude beaches in Europe when she was young, which shaped her carefree outlook.

To get cast in the groundbreaking music video for “Blurred Lines,” all it took was a cover appearance in an erotica magazine in 2012. Interestingly, Ratajkowski initially declined the offer and was eventually convinced to participate.

A turning point in her career, the video catapulted her to fame instantly.

After that, she fulfilled her “prized” ambition of appearing in movies by appearing on the covers of the world’s most prestigious magazines and posing for many photo shoots, walking in fashion shows, and ranking highly in beauty and fashion rankings.

Her daring style and taste in clothing won her many fans, both online and off. Ratajowski has appeared in a plethora of films, such as “Entourage,” “We Are Your Friends,” “I Feel Pretty,” and many more.

Full NameEmily O’Hara Ratajkowski 
ProfessionModel, Actor, Author
Sources Of IncomeModeling, Acting
ResidenceNew York, New York, US
Date Of Birth7 June 1991
Age31 years
EducationUCLA School of Arts and Architecture, University of California
ChildrenSylvester Apollo Bear
SpouseSebastian Bear-McClard (m. 2018)
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Key Facts About Emily Ratajkowski

  • At the Age of Fourteen, She Began Her Career as a Model: EmRata’s career began before her appearance in the Blurred Lines music video, although you may be familiar with her now. See, Emily Ratajkowski was a model before she was an actress. She did begin her modeling career when she was 14 years old when she signed with an agent and later with Ford Models.
  • She endured teasing about her “baby woman” appearance when she was a little girl: Do you still have Emily Ratajkowski’s picture? In terms of physical appearance, she hasn’t altered much since she was a tween. Her rapid maturation at age 12 earned her the nickname “baby woman” from her father.
  • That woman is a fierce feminist: The ignorant have argued she isn’t clever enough to have an opinion on this and that she should keep looking pretty, but Emily Ratajkowski is a strong and intelligent feminist. New feminist articulation.
  • Her mom always hoped she’d go into neurosurgery: EmRata’s parents had some reservations about her daughter starting a modeling career at such a tender age. Her mother had hoped she’d go into neurosurgery.
  • There Was No Television in Her Home Growing Up: It occurs with the same regularity as opening a new can of instant coffee. Television is and has been a necessary component of most modern households.
  • A Maroon 5 Video Featured Her, too: Emily Ratajkowski’s appearance in the viral music video for “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke is common knowledge. Many people are probably unaware that in 2012, she starred in the music video for Love Somebody by Maroon 5, in which she played Adam Levine’s love interest.

Emily Ratajkowski Sources Of Income

Thanks to her modeling and acting careers, Emily has become a household name, and she has amassed a sizable fortune from her many endorsement deals over the years. Her wealth comes from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Film roles
  • Being in a music video as a model
  • Possessing a wide range of endorsement deals and appearing on magazine covers
  • Appearing as a recurring character on multiple TV series

Such are some of how this woman has amassed vast fortunes. Earlier, I listed a few of Emily’s current and former employers. Clearly, the companies she’s collaborated with are either well-known luxury labels or prestigious high-end labels.

Emily Ratajkowski Sources Of Income

Emily has amassed an $8 million fortune due to her entrepreneurial spirit and success across various fields. Emily Ratajkowski earns roughly $2 million per year in pay.

Emily Ratajkowski Net Worth

It is predicted that by 2022 Emily Ratajkowski will have a net worth of roughly $8 million. She is a tough cookie who has never given up, no matter how many times her career was derailed. She decided to give her modeling job her all, and she has since expanded into other fields, like acting and singing.

Emily Ratajkowski Net Worth

Emily Ratajkowski Houses

With an estimated net worth of around $8 million, Emily Ratajkowski can live lavishly. In addition to having impeccable style, she is rumored to have exquisite taste in home decor. She possesses a Los Angeles house.

Emily’s LA condo was where she lived till the year 2018. After that, she moved to a place in Los Angeles’ Echo Park district. After moving in with Sebastian and starting a family, she and her new husband enjoy life in their lavish mansion.

The residence is 1,650 square feet in size and costs her a stunning $2 million in 2018. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the place. In addition to this, there is a spacious living area in the home.

Also, the house is decked up with antiques, multicolored carpets, and colorful furniture. Anyone reading at her place would feel at peace and tranquility because of the surrounding luxuriant greenery. 

The house has several convenient elements, such as a brick fireplace, huge windows, and skylights. Moreover, Emily and her ex-husband have jointly purchased a second New York City home. The themes in this residence are very similar to those employed in the LA headquarters.

Emily Ratajkowski Car Collection

Emily’s cars include:

• V-Class Mercedes-Benz

• Cadilac Escalade

• Volvo S60 T5

• Toyota Camry

• BMW M5

Quotes By Emily Ratajkowski

Emily’s quote includes, “It will help if you embrace your femininity and your confidence because you can accomplish anything you set your mind to”.

Emily Ratajkowski Social Media

Every famous person in Hollywood is curious about her fan base because they want to update their followers on their every move. Every renowned person actively engages in several pursuits to increase their online profile and popularity. 

Emily Ratajkowski, a Hollywood actress, seemingly updates her social media sites every minute. Emily Ratajkowski, a famous actress in Hollywood, is very open with her fans and enjoys showing them what she does daily.


Emily Ratajkowski Family & Personal Life

Creative director and clothes buyer Andrew Dryden dated Emily Ratajkowski. But things didn’t work out, and the pair split up in February 2014.

In December 2014, Us Weekly reported that she was seeing musician Jeff Magid. Sadly, this pairing also did not last, and its members split up at the beginning of 2018.

She tied the knot with her boyfriend of a few weeks, actor-producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, on February 23, 2018, and the news was shared on Instagram.

Ratajkowski, in addition to her acting career, is a committed activist. Because of Planned Parenthood International‘s (PPI) importance to women’s health on a global scale, she pledged to make a short film advocating for reproductive and sexual health.

She has frequently used her fame to advocate for women’s rights and sexual equality.

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Emily Ratajkowski Education & Career

Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known Hollywood actress and model. She has a degree from the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture and bachelor’s degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of California at San Diego.

In addition, she was a well-known Actress and Model in Hollywood, which piqued her many admirers’ interest. Emily Ratajkowski, the world’s most stunning celebrity, kicked off her career that year.

Award-winning Hollywood starlet takes home multiple statuettes from Capri, Hollywood, for her stellar work in the film industry. And while some famous faces in Hollywood may not be automobile enthusiasts, they all have their collections.

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