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Eleceed Chapter 190: Release Date & Plot Jiwoo Accepts Academy’s Offer!


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Jiwoo looked to have turned a new page in her life. Kayden and his former adversaries had commanded most of the show’s attention. On the other hand, Vator’s departure means that Jiwoo has once again assumed the role of the protagonist. Jiwoo has been training Kayden to develop his combat abilities for several years. 

Eleceed Chapter 190: Release Date & Plot

He has been invited to become a member of the World Awakeners Academy, and he will accept the invitation in the forthcoming chapter. Jiwoo, according to Curtin, is an identical replica of his master in all respects. As a result, the Academy has earned a reputation for ruining interpersonal ties.

Eleceed Chapter 190 Release Date & Plot Jiwoo Accepts Academy’s Offer!

The Eleceed Anime Storyline is as follows:

Jiwoo Seo, the main character of the Elected webtoon, is a young man who is excessively fond of animals, particularly cats. He takes pleasure in feeding and caring for stray animals in his neighborhood. Jiwoo comes to a wounded cat on one occasion, and he immediately tends to its needs before transporting him back to his home after being evaluated by a veterinarian. 

This cat belongs to Kayden Break, considered one of the world’s most potent awakens. Jiwoo saved Kayden after being forced into cat shape due to the circumstances. Jiwoo then returned Kayden to his home. If you want to work as an apprentice under him, you’ll have to go through the proper channels. 

Only because he finds Jiwoo fascinating is he willing to lend his assistance. This manga is worth reading because of the brilliance of the two central characters who appear in it.

Recap of the previous chapter:

At the beginning of the chapter, Kim Hyeyoung and Seongik Han have a conversation about Jiwoo. Kim opened up about her experiences with Jiwoo when they had a chance to talk. When she sees Jiwoo’s skill to handle animals at such a young age, the look on her face expresses her surprise. 

Jiwoo and a few other pupils have been invited to join Seongik, the creator of the Awakeners Academy. As Kim pointed out in her statement, this could be problematic for individuals who are more vulnerable to attack.

Eunhyuk Goo then informs Jiwoo that he has been invited. Awakener’s Academy has the mission, as he stated, of evaluating each student’s talents to a high level of detail.

After Inhyuk has left, Kaydan appears to be questioning Jiwoo about whether or not to accept the offer. His determination to face Duke and the other great awakeners are based on this realization. According to Mr. Curtin, Jiwoo and Kaydan have been deemed “mentally ill” because they desire to face more challenging opponents. After much deliberation, Jiwoo decides to take a chance and do things independently.

Eleceed Chapter 190 Date of publication:

By prior announcements, Eleceed Chapter 190 is available for purchase in stores from Sunday, April 21, 2022. Even though rough scans of Chapter 190 became available online 2 to 3 days before spoilers were revealed, the final release of the chapter should be delayed until after the spoilers have been revealed.

What you may expect is the following:

Despite everything, Jiwoo has given his support to the Global Awakeners Academy. Curtin’s statements suggest that this is not a safe position to be in. This place is known for breaking apart friendships, and the group of four may find themselves as their first target because of this reputation. Jiwoo and his friends will be able to start a new chapter in their financial quest. 

Another possibility is that the gloomy clouds will form relatively quickly. While at the Academy, Jiwoo will have the opportunity to acquire various new abilities and come face to face with other powerful awakeners.

Chapter 190 of the manga can be found at the following locations:

It is strongly advised that you read Eleceed Chapter 190 from one of the manga outlets to support the manga artists. Eleceed is a well-known manga and anime series, and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting chapter 190, particularly in light of the explosive climax of the previous chapter.

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