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Edmond Dede Cause Of Death, Biography, Songs, And Net Worth!


As a great French musician and composer, Edmond Dede contributed a lot to the music industry. He became a household name as a violin maestro and composer. His distinctive style of crafting tunes and musical notes from violin earned him recognition throughout the world. He has been a part of various bands, orchestra groups, and ballet houses as the director of music. Besides earning him accolades throughout the world, his music enabled Edmond to make a fortune. Every concert and a musical note made by him became an instant hit. However, symphony tales and violin tones created by him became an inspiration for admirers of classical music. His soulful music was loved and appreciated by everyone.

Edmond Dede Cause Of Death

Edmond Dede was born in New Orleans, Louisiana (United States) on November 20, 1827. In fact, he was part of the fourth generation of free families at that place. He died of a natural cause in 1901 after coming from his New Orleans concert Dede’s father was a poultry trader and a music teacher. Through him, Edmond got introduced to clarinet. Later on, he turned to learn the violin and mastered the art of music on it. after completing his schooling, he started to devote himself completely to learning music. He got trained in playing violin by Constantin Debergue Ludovico Gavici.

Edmond Dede Cause Of Death, Biography, Songs, And Net Worth!

At the time of playing Violin, Edmond Dede preferred to perform on his compositions or from his favorite composer named Rodolphe Kreutzer. Besides this, he learned music theory from Eugene Prevost and Charles Richard Lambert. Further to this, he went to Mexico to seek work and returned to the United States at the end of 1852. After returning from Mexico, he worked as a cigar maker to save money for Europe travel. Then, he traveled to Paris and Belgium where Edmond helped his friend set up a cigar business. Finally, he turned to Paris (France) and became an auditor at Paris Conservatoire. There, he studied with Fromental Halevy and Jean Delphin Alard.

Edmond Dede’s Net Worth

Taking note of his net worth, Edmond Dede accumulated a wealth of 10 million dollars in the 1800s. having such huge wealth was a big deal then. this net worth was the result of his spectacular work on his violin that led him to create masterpieces like Quasimodo Symphony, Patriotism, and Le Palmiere Overture. He came to Paris (France) from New Orleans in the United States to learn classical music. The decision changed his life and gave him a path to attain immense success that he could not achieve in his hometown. After establishing himself as a French musician, Edmond Dede traveled to New Orleans for some time and taught music. His great work of art includes Le Serment de L’Arbe and My Pauvre Coeur too.

Edmond Dede Career

In the year 1860, Dede went to Bordeaux city in France to work as an assistant conductor for Ballet at the prestigious Grand Theatre. After working for a couple of years, he was lucky enough to find work at Theatre L’Alcazar. It was a very popular café-concert area in the city. He worked there for some time and moved to Folies Bordelaise. During his entire journey time, he composed various notes of music that were performed at the prestigious Grand Theatre. His musical compositions have always had a soothing effect on the mind. 

In fact, he gave 40 years of his life to Grand Theatre and worked as an assistant conductor. Later on, he was promoted to the position of conductor of the orchestras at the Theatre L’Alcazar and Folies Bordelaise. His ballet productions, suggestions, operettas, and more than 250 melodious tunes enabled him to make enormous progress in France. Still, his music could not establish a stronghold because of racial concerns. In his lifetime, he went back to New Orleans once where three concerts were organized to honor his music. Apart from this, he never went back to New Orleans again. 

Edmond Dede Wife

He got married to Sylvie Leflet while he was studying in France. The couple dated for a few years

Edmond Dede Music

Though he was born in the United States and belonged to the Catholic religion, Edmond Dede shifted to France for studying music. During his course of composing music and conducting concerts at the Grand Theatre, he met a French woman named Sylvie Leaflet. After marrying her in a private affair, he moved to Bordeaux with her. Edmond Dede and Sylvie Leaflet have a son called Eugene Arcade Dede. Eugene followed the footsteps of his father and became a music hall conductor. Apart from this, he composed a lot of popular songs which were appreciated by the fans of classical music. Indeed, he always appreciated his father for passing the genes of music to him. 

Edmond Dede Music Youtube

Edmond Dede Education

When Edmond Dede passed from school, he started working as a cigar maker. The purpose of taking the job was to earn and save money for Europe travel. After earning a sufficient amount for Europe travel, he went to Paris and helped his friend named Joseph Tinchant to set up their family business of making cigars. In doing so, he put some of his experience as a cigar maker and assisted his friend to establish the business in Belgium. After schooling, Edmond came to Parish first and went to Belgium later for his friend. 

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One of the most dangerous traveling records of Dede is where he made a return journey to New Orleans in 1893. At that point in time, his ship got stuck in the bad weather and was forced to dock at Galveston in Texas for about two months. On this journey, Edmond Dede lost his favorite violin Cremona which left him worried. Indeed, he stayed in the United States till the year 1894 and traveled across a few cities to give violin concerts. Then, he returned to Paris (France) where Edmond Dede took his last breath in 1903. Certainly, Edmond Dede was a musical maestro, who knew made famous musical notes on his violin. Some of the popular numbers were Mon Pauvre Coeur, Quasimodo Symphony, Le Palmier Overture, Le Serment de L’Arbe, Mephisto Masque, and Morgaine Ou Le Sultan D’Ispahan

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