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Stranger Things: Fans Share Explanation Of Hopper’s Having A Sword


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The fourth season of Stranger Things has undoubtedly delivered on all of our expectations and then some, including some extremely moving scenes and strong fan theories.

Nevertheless, considering the show’s intricate plot’s wide-ranging nature, there have undoubtedly been a few instances where viewers may have been a little bit perplexed.

Fans were particularly curious about Hopper’s sword, which he utilized in episode nine to battle a Demogorgon.

Stranger Things: Fans Share Explanation Of Hopper’s Having A Sword

Unquestionably one of the best-scripted shows ever, Stranger Things has very few plot holes. Like, literally everything is covered by these authors. But! Hopper fighting a Demogorgon with a straight sword initially confused viewers.

Stranger Things Fans Share Explanation Of Hopper's Having A Sword

The blade seemed to emerge out of nowhere, which originally confused viewers. However, some followers of the super-sleuth believe they have finally solved the case, and everything makes perfect sense.

It was discovered by a sleuth fan on Twitter and HITC, who noted that in Episode 7, we actually see Enzo open a weapons locker, and, yep: the sword is there.

It turns out that the sword is a very fascinating Easter egg because it’s literally “the Atlantean” from the Arnold Schwarzenegger–starring Conan movies.

And no, it’s not a copy; it’s the real sword from Conan. In an interview, David Harbor affirmed this for himself, saying “I’m not sure whether you noticed, but the sword I’m about to pick up is the real prop weapon that was used in Conan the Barbarian. In the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses it as a sword.”

Additionally, he discussed the sword in a message on Instagram, writing “nerd warning The Atlantean sword from the CONAN movies is the prop used at the conclusion of episode 9.

In a still, from episode 7’s scene where it was initially introduced and used by a sad prisoner who tragically died abruptly next to the cells beside the gladiatorial pit, a stunning fan was found. 

“What is especially thrilling about this is that the sword that the incredible ST props department (show themselves so I can thank you) gave me was The Sword Use For The FilmingG Of Both Conan Films. It was quite hefty and an enormous honor to use. @schwarzenegger, I’m willing to take notes on my approach.”

A viewer offered an explanation for the sword’s appearance on Twitter, writing, “From where did that sword come?” I had the same thought, too.”

They continued by saying that we had previously seen the sword within the armory depicted in episode seven “Then I recalled how, in episode seven, the prisoners had to battle a Demogorgon and had to flee in search of weapons. I went back and checked, and it is there.”

Hey, it seems like the sword wasn’t so arbitrary after all! Additionally, David Harbor, who plays Hopper, has been actively invoking the sword ominously and disclosing information about the origins of the weapon.

He stated in a post on Instagram, “nerd warning The Atlantean sword from the Conan movies serves as the prop at the conclusion of episode 9. A magnificent fan was discovered in a still from the episode 7 scene where it was first introduced and used by an unfortunate prisoner who perished suddenly next to the cells by the gladiatorial pit.”

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