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Developments: Ukraine rejects Russia’s final warning to hand over to Mariupol


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Rapid progress is being made on Russia’s final warning Ukraine For Mariupol’s surrender, Kiev rejected it.

According to Russian company Rhea Novosti, Ukraine’s Vice President Irina Verrestchuk rejected Russia’s final warning to Kiev. Must respond to Mariupol delivery by 5:00 This morning.

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In fact, the Russian Defense Ministry has indicated that humanitarian corridors will be opened from Mariupol, east and west, from 10:00 am on March 21 to rescue civilians.

In particular, according to Rhea Novosti, the Russian side called on Kiev to “show prudence” and “cancel the instructions that forced the fighters in Mariupol to sacrifice themselves.”

Ukraine: “No surrender, no weapons deposit”

However, Verrestch replied that surrendering to Mariupol was not an option.

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“There is no talk of handing over weapons. “We have already informed the Russian side about this,” he told Ukraine’s Vice President Ukraine.

The Russian news agency reports that Kiev has announced its decision to both the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The letter from the Russian Defense Ministry stated that humanitarian corridors would be created only if Mariupol was handed over.

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What the Russian final warning said

In this final warning for marijuana delivery we remind you that Russia is proposing to arrange for the Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries to leave the city without arms from 10:00 – 12:00 – in this case, they are sure to save their lives. , According to the Russian Ministry.

After that, humanitarian convoys must pass through Mariupol and evacuate civilians. Representatives from the UN, OSCE and the Red Cross were invited to come to the ground “with humanitarian action.”

The Russian Defense Ministry called on Kiev to be fair and to rescind previously issued instructions, forcing militants in Mariupol to sacrifice themselves.

The Russian ministry, in fact, requested a written response from Kiev to these proposals before 5:00 this morning.

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For its part, the Russian military, following a Russian final warning, appealed to Mariupol authorities, noting that they now have the right to make a historic choice – either with their own people or with “thieves.” Otherwise, the Russian Defense Ministry underscores that they will face court-martial.

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