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Ukraine: Images of total destruction in Kiev after the bombing of a shopping center


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A very strong blow, which hit a shopping center on Sunday night, pulverized cars in the parking lot and opened a large ditch several meters long. KievAs a result they lose their lives Eight people, According to the country’s Attorney General. According to a BBC correspondent in Kyiv, the new 35-hour curfew will take effect in the Ukrainian capital from 20.00 today until 07.00 on Wednesday. As Russian forces continue to encircle the Ukrainian capital, images from the northwestern part of Kiev, where the bombing took place, are alarming. The bodies were laid to rest in the early hours of this morning Shopping center in retro, In the Podilsky district, aired by a journalist of the French agency. In front of the ten-story building, which was still smoking, was a large ditch several meters long. The entire south side of the large shopping center was destroyed, as well as a private gym located in the parking lot, he said.

Firefighters and soldiers were searching for anyone else in the wreckage. During the night, emergency services reported that “enemy fire” had set fire to several floors of the mall.

They released CCTV footage that recorded the first massive eruption of a mushroom-shaped smoke cloud, followed by smaller eruptions. Other shots show firefighters removing one of the dust-covered debris.

Check out photos taken by photojournalist George Moudafis in the Ukrainian capital this morning:

Residents of the building next door, whose windows were broken by the blast, said they saw the multi-launcher. Missiles Near the mall a few days ago, without giving further details.

The initial blast at the mall echoed throughout the capital, French agency reporters said.

The Ukrainian government has rejected Russia’s final warning to hand over Mariupol overnight, almost immediately since its publication, and the escalation of military operations on almost all fronts shows a lack of confidence in peace efforts soon.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is entering its bloody phase and is particularly significant today, from the beginning of the 26th war.

Beyond the Mariupol front, it is clear that Moscow is tightening its grip on Kay and has begun to use sophisticated, supersonic missiles. Volodymyr Zhelensky Surrender as soon as possible, because over time Russia pays a hefty price.

The situation in Mariupol is “very difficult”

Ukraine rejected “of course” Russian final warning The situation in the city of Mariupol surrender and the siege of southern Ukraine is “very difficult,” Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verestsuk said today.

Russia has offered to open humanitarian corridors from the city at 10 a.m. Moscow time (9 a.m. Greek time) if the city surrenders its weapons. “Of course we rejected these proposals,” Verrestch said, adding that “the situation there is very difficult.”

“There is no question of talking about surrender or laying down arms. “We have already informed the Russian side,” he told the Associated Press. Ukrainskaya Pravda. “This is a deliberate manipulation and the hostages are real prisoners,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Verrestz said that an agreement had been reached on the creation 8 Humanitarian Corridors To evacuate civilians from cities besieged by Russian forces in Ukraine, Like Mariupol They are not among them and attempts to get humanitarian supplies there are still failing.

In a statement to the Ukraynskaya Pravda, Verrestch said a humanitarian walkway should be given priority to allow more trapped civilians in Mariupol – with an estimated 350,000 people in the city.

Today’s news:

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A 62-year-old man in Crete has left his 57-year-old wife unconscious from a tree.

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