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Dramatic Events: The Poles ‘Burn’


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Terrible Heat waves Climate scientists are concerned that “unprecedented” events at both poles of the Earth could be fast and sharp. Climate decline.

Temperatures in Antarctica hit record highs over the weekend, “reaching” 40 degrees Celsius above normal.

At the same time, meteorological stations near the North Pole also showed signs of melting, with some temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius above normal. These conditions usually occur later in the year.

Reported by DefenderAt this time of year, Antarctica generally cools rapidly after its summer and the Arctic emerges slowly from its winter. It is unprecedented for both poles to have such temperatures at the same time.

Climate crisis
Climate crisis

The rapid increase in temperature at the poles is a warning of anomaly Air conditioning systems Land. Last year, in the first chapter of a comprehensive climate science review, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that unprecedented heating signals were already occurring, resulting in some changes – such as polar melting – that would soon become irreversible.

The danger to the planet is twofold

Risk Twice: Heat waves at the poles are a powerful signal of the damage that humanity is doing to the climate, and melting will trigger further changes, which will accelerate climate destruction.

When polar sea ice melts, especially in the Arctic, it reveals a dark ocean that absorbs more heat than reflective ice, further warming the planet. Much of the Antarctic ice covers the Earth and its melting raises sea level.

Concern in the scientific community

Scientists have warned that the coming events are “historic”, “unprecedented” and “dramatic”.

Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, said recorded extreme weather events were more worrying than forecasts.

“Arctic and Antarctic warming is worrying, as is the increase in extreme weather events – they are an example,” he said. “These facts show that we need to act immediately.”

Climate crisis
Climate crisis

The latest unprecedented weather patterns follow the alarming heat waves of 2021, mainly in the US Pacific and northwest, where previous records have been broken by several degrees as temperatures rise to close to 50 degrees Celsius.

Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science at University College London, said: “My colleagues and I were shocked by the number and severity of extreme weather events in 2021 – which led to an unexpected rise of 1.2 C. The Arctic now has a recorded temperature, which, for me, marks the entry of a new extreme phase of climate change much earlier than we expected.”

The Associated Press reported that a meteorological station in Antarctica had surpassed the all-time record of 15 degrees Celsius, while another coastal station that was frozen this season was 7 degrees Celsius above zero. In the Arctic, meanwhile, some areas were 50 C warmer than average.

“These are opposite times. You do not see the North and the South (poles) melting at the same time.”Said Walt Meyer, a scientist at the National Ice and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado. “This is definitely an extraordinary event. It’s very impressive.”, He told the AP.

“I have never seen anything like this in Antarctica.”Ted Skambose, an ice scientist at the University of Colorado, who recently returned from a trip to the continent, told the news agency.

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