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American YouTuber DeStorm Power!! Net Worth, Age, Height, And More!!



DeStorm Power is a prominent American YouTuber and an excellent actor. He is also an influencer on social media and a comedian. In his career, DeStorm Power has won several awards. He is well-known for the caught series on Instagram. Power has collaborated several times with the other artists to release several songs. 

He Also Started Beatboxing And Functioning Comedy 

Power has also been a ghost-writer for Universal Records and several other brands. It was at that time that he came up with his channel on YouTube and started singing, songwriting, and producing. Not only has this, in his YouTube Channel, he also started beatboxing and functioning comedy. 

DeStorm Power

In 2019, subscribers on his YouTube Channel went on to a massive 3 million. He was extremely successful and he soon came up with another YouTube Channel DeStorm. This channel has attained more than 508 million views.

He has also come up with the multi-channel network named Big Frame. Furthermore, DeStorm is the co-host of The show Punk’d on MTV. He is a successful master personal trainer and triple jumper who was invited to the trials of Olympic.  

DeStorm Power Net Worth

The net worth of DeStorm Power is US$ 3 million approx. At ‘Atlantic Records’ he started his journey as a ghostwriter and an intern. Later on, he started to write and create music for his own Channel on YouTube i.e., DeStorm.

After some duration, his channel became one of the finest of YouTube’s most hit channels.

Currently, Power’s channel is considered among the eighth-most subscribed musician on the YouTube Podium. Not only has this, but he is also prominent for his comedy and music videos and has attracted approx. 150 million hits on his YouTube videos. 

To date, Power has worked with several YouTube musicians likewise MysteryGuitarMan and Kina Grannis. Likewise, Power hosts a second channel commonly aimed at ‘making of videos’ and health tips.

As a musician, he produced a mouth-watering income and raised his net worth to a different level. Apart from being a musician, Power is also a personal trainer and a former Olympic triple jumper. 

DeStorm Power Age

Being born on 30 January 1982, DeStorm Power is 40 years old as of the present date 18th May 2022. 

DeStorm Power Height

Power has a very decent height. He stands 6 feet 0 inches tall in height. Moreover, he has Black hair and his eye color is black. 

DeStorm Power Bio

As stated above, he is a YouTube, an American actor and internet personality, well-known as the founder and president of a media network, Zeus Network 2018. Furthermore, he also got recognition for being the creator of Caught The Series. 

DeStorm Power Birthday

Every year Power celebrated his birthday on 30th January 1982. 

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DeStorm Power Tattoos

Yes, Power has a tattoo on his chest. 

DeStorm Power Girlfriend

DeStorm Power has been in a good relationship with his girlfriend Alicia Gordillo aka Janina, who is also a social media influencer and YouTuber. Furthermore, he has a son called Tayvion Power born in 2001. His son’s mother died during 2006 and the child has been raised by him and his beautiful girlfriend.

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