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Billie Eilish Says She’s ‘Very Offended’ When People Laugh At Her Tourette’s Syndrome Tics!!


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Billie Eilish opens out about the difficulties she faces daily as a result of her Tourette syndrome in a recent interview. After experiencing a tic while being interviewed by David Letterman for the Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” a musician who won a Grammy talked about coping with a neurological ailment while the two were talking to one other. Eilish told Letterman that they would be able to see her tics for as long as they filmed her.

Eilish, Diagnosed With Tourette’s Syndrome

Eilish, diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when she was 11 years old, stated that people who aren’t aware that she has the condition don’t always recognize her tics during social encounters and respond insensitively to them as a result. Those who hear Eilish’s songs and giggle because they think she’s trying to be humorous often do so, and Eilish describes this as something that makes her feel “quite insulted.”

Billie Eilish Says She's 'Very Offended' When People Laugh At Her Tics

According to the Mayo Clinic, which describes Tourette’s syndrome, tics are movements or noises that a person cannot control, such as blinking, shrugging, or yelling out unusual noises or obscene remarks. Tics are a symptom of Tourette’s syndrome. After becoming a public star, the young woman, 20 years of age, claims that she has realized that the sickness is far more widespread than she had previously assumed.

Eilish remarked, “It’s interesting because so many people have it, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. These artists came forward to say that they had Tourette’s syndrome was fascinating to me, even if I won’t name them because they don’t want to talk about it. 

Even though some of Eilish’s tics have become less severe over the years, she still has a handful of them that she must manage daily. But for me, they are an incredible source of exhaustion, “She made a statement. However, while performing, the vocalist of “Happier than Ever” has admitted to the audience that she does not experience tics. She said, “I’m not even trying at all while I’m moving about.”

Eilish is so intrigued by this topic that she has stated, “I enjoy answering inquiries about it because it’s intriguing, and I’m utterly perplexed.” She remarked, “I’m just not understanding it.” Billie Eilish is doing what she can to bring awareness to the difficulties people face with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

At the age of 11, Eilish was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, which causes her to suffer from tics, which are involuntary repeating gestures or sounds that are not wanted.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the indications of a tic condition is an involuntary habit of doing anything like shrugging one’s shoulders, blinking one’s eyelids, or uttering inappropriate words. Eilish shared her confession with David Letterman, saying, “If you video me for long enough, you’ll notice a lot of tics.” The vocalist for the band “Ocean Eyes” admitted that other people often misunderstood her tics as something else when she was in social situations.

She claims that the most common response from others is laughter, with the assumption being that others perceive her to be trying to be hilarious. In the end, it never fails to leave me feeling incredibly cheated and betrayed.” Eilish has mentioned that, although most of her tics have subsided, she still has a few tiny tics that go unnoticed by other people.

The young man, who was twenty years old, made the observation, “These are things that you wouldn’t notice if you were merely chatting to me.” “However, I find that they’re draining my energy.” Eilish is not the only person dealing with this issue right now. 

Since then, she has learned that the percentage of people in the creative community who are affected by Tourette’s syndrome is significantly higher than she had previously believed it to be.

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