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Chuck Norris’s Grandson Is Kicked Off The New Jonas Brothers Show For Breaking A Major Rule


Rule breakers may be portrayed as cool rebels in the movies, but on reality television, they are sometimes booted off the program — just ask Chuck Norris’ grandson Maxwell Norris.

There is no one quite like Chuck Norris among American martial artists turned Hollywood actors. For eight successful seasons as the lead of Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris has seen his career and personal life go through huge ups and downs.

Chuck Norris’s Grandson Is Kicked Off The New Jonas Brothers Show For Breaking A Major Rule

In any case, being a relative of someone as famous as Chuck Norris may come with its baggage, especially when they are placed on a successful game show just for being celebrity related.

Chuck Norris's Grandson Is Kicked Off The New Jonas Brothers Show For Breaking A Major Rule

Unfortunately for Norris’ grandson, being on a game show proved too much for him this week, and he has kicked off the show for cheating.

On Monday, the series premiere of Claim to Fame finished controversially. The mystery competitors are challenged to guess the famous relatives of the other contestants. And there was a surprise at the end of the episode right away.

Personal phones are not permitted for contestants since they make cheating far too simple. Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas stated during the first elimination that one of the participants cheated by using their phone.

“As you know, when you arrived home, we removed all of your equipment, but the information away, to safeguard your identity, and to make sure the game was fair to everyone,” Kevin Jonas explained.

“And one of you disobeyed that rule… We take it extremely seriously, as you know. We want you to be serious about the sport. It is, in fact, a competition.”

Everyone was startled when it was revealed to the cast and audience that Norris’ previous star was linked to Walker Texas Ranger. They are both startled to hear that Norris cheated using his phone.

While Maxwell’s new followers were disappointed in him because he was unskilled, his new classmates were concerned about what would happen if his law-abiding grandfather discovered he had cheated.

On the series premiere, which aired on ABC on Monday, June 11th, Norris was eliminated from the game. Behind the scenes, all competitors were advised not to use their phones while participating in the game, but Norris refused and used his phone anyhow.

He was observed using a phone that he snuck into the set beneath a duvet, breaking the show’s rule on using electronic devices. Norris was promptly dismissed once the hosts were pulled off-camera and informed of the situation.

Claim to Fame is a new competition series hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, real-life brothers. The game show has competitors who are challenged to find celebrity relatives of their fellow cast members.

It allows twelve relatives to step out of the shadow of their star family member and live Big Brother-style with other competitors without having to discuss their renowned family tree.

According to reports, grandfather Chuck Norris has yet to know about his grandson’s departure from the program, which might damage the actor’s legacy.

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