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Chris Hemsworth Calls His Daughter India Rose, His ‘Favorite Superhero’


Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor, now popped up on the Internet to open up his heart. He recently shared that his loving daughter, India Rose is his favorite superhero. He got into it by sharing the movie scenes of his little girl with her great daddy on the two separate sets of Thor movies 11 years ago.

Now, India, who is ten years old, is receiving a heartwarming tribute from her father, Chris Hemsworth. Right after the release of Thor: Love And Thunder, the renowned actor took his steps forward to open up his heart to his little daughter.

Chris Hemsworth Shares The Image Of Adorable Daughter In The Set Of Thor

Out of the two photos the actor shared, one was from years back, taken in 2012 on the set of Thor: The Dark World. In the very same throwback snap, Chris seemed to be 6 feet and also in the costume of Thor, the god.

But other than Chris, a few months old India is seen as she gives a deep look to her daddy in a very familiar costume. Apart from the father and daughter, the character’s hammer was lying on the ground next to India.

Chris Hemsworth Calls His daughter India Rose, His 'Favorite Superhero'

Now, the second photo is a recent one showing Chris Hemsworth embracing his daughter during the filming of the newly released Thor: Love and Thunder. The black and white photo he shared on his social media account showcases the deep love he holds in his heart for his cute daughter.

He was seen holding India tight in his hands, and she was lying on her father’s chest. The snap reveals the fact that it all happened during the making of the recently released movie. 

Other than India, the actor shares twin sons- Tristan and Sasha with his wife Elsa Pataky. Now, the boys are eight years old. Chris tied the knot with Elsa in the year 2010.

In the latest interview, Chris revealed a lot about his latest movie and the behind scenes. All Chris shared was that the latest Thor was actually a family affair. All the actors, the film’s leading ones were on the set with their families. Even the director Taika Waititi, was there with his family. 

The set was really cool, and everyone was there on the set with their kids. Taika, [Christian] Bale, Natalie [Portman], everyone took their kids to the film set. Chris told that he too carried his daughter, and she played the character of Love. 

He later said that the children’s cameos were really fun, and that experience delivered him a much better time together with the kids. The actor even said that he and his kids enjoyed sharing the screen together, and they really loved it.

Chris shared something bout his childhood memories that he grew up with less money but his parents were the perfect heroes to him till now. He wanted to make sure that his kids should know the value of money and that they have to work hard to reach heights. They can’t take it for granted by any means. 


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