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Chris Pratt Reveals He Doesn’t Like Being Called ‘Chris’


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One of the “Chris” stars in Hollywood has spoken out about how he dislikes people calling him by his first name.

As a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans, 43, is one of a handful of “Chris” actors who have become household names. Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Wonder Woman star Chris Pine are the other actors involved.

Chris Pratt Reveals He Doesn’t Like Being Called ‘Chris’

As a method to separate Mario from the other Chris Club members, who include the likes of Marvel’s Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as well as Chris Pine, here is one way to do it:

Chris Pratt Reveals He Doesn't Like Being Called 'Chris'

Chris Pratt was dubbed ‘Hollywood’s worst Chris’ in 2019 and has since been the subject of ongoing debate. As a jest in the photo, the Australian actor said, ‘Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you’ll always be number one.’

Instead Of A Smiling Evans, He Shared A Picture Of Chris Pratt

However, a few didn’t realize that Hemsworth was making a joke, such as those who said, “Chris Evans has changed over the years” or “Chris Pine looks different.”

After Arnold Schwarzenegger’s uncertainty, Chris Pratt’s father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t figure out which one he was.

A year later, in 2021, Schwarzenegger spoke these words to Chris Pratt at an Instagram charity live event: ‘I’m going to muck this entire thing up right from the start, Chris Pratt.’

‘I didn’t read the cue cards correctly,’ he said. Please accept my apologies. I should be able to recognize your name. The truth is, of course. My favorite son-in-law,’ says your mother;

Chris Pratt Reveals That He Dislikes Referring To Himself As “Chris”

When identifying himself, Chris Pratt prefers to be known by a different moniker than many other Hollywood stars. One of this year’s most talked-about celebs is Chris Pratt.

Known for his roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hero-Lord and the Jurassic World films as Owen Grady and Andy Dwyer, the clumsy Andy on Parks and Recreation, Pratt has built a name for himself as an action star. The Terminal List, a forthcoming Amazon series in which he portrays a former Navy SEAL called back to duty, is his most recent project.

Pratt will return to the role of Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is for release shortly after The Terminal List. Chris Pratt will feature another Chris, Chris Hemsworth, who will reprise his role as the titular character. 

Pratt’s remark is a joke, but his sentiments are understandable. The name Chris has the same ubiquity as John or Tom among the general populace (of which the MCU also has multiple).

Both on-screen and red carpet time with other stars with the same first name, and no doubt each of them has answered calls intended for the other. Pratt’s choice for the moniker “Pratt” stems from the fact that most fans now refer to Chris Pratt and his siblings by their last names to avoid confusion.

The jokes about the Hollywood Chris actors are unlikely to go away anytime soon, so his wishes may not extend to those on the internet.

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