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Cheyenne Jackson On The Masked Singer’s Surprise Challenges Includes Neck Exercises And ‘Strategic’ Songs!


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Cheyenne Jackson, the actor, and singer who donned the royal mantle during The Masked Singer’s seventh season, continues to believe that he has the upper hand even though a new king was not crowned at the end of the competition. 

Cheyenne Jackson On The Masked Singer’s Surprise Challenges

The American Horror Story actress, who has worked on Broadway for many years and also appeared in the show, thinks that my victory in the finale was a significant success for me. “I didn’t give a damn about winning or losing, so I decided to give this a shot. Despite this, I quickly established a fierce rivalry with myself, as is natural for people to do.”

Cheyenne Jackson On The Masked Singer's Surprise

“The fact that Jewel, who won the previous season, is a friend of mine tells a lot about her kind of person. In other words, I had inquired with her a few days before the event whether or not she had any suggestions about the process.” Taking into account what Jackson had to say about the matter. She advised me to “really truly take your time” and to choose music that had personal significance to me. ‘

Cheyenne Jackson was also given guidance by Nick Lachey, the husband of Vanessa Lachey’s co-star on Call Me Kat. “Nick claimed that he genuinely felt like he could feel free after you get acclimated to the clothing and its weight,” explains Jackson. “After you get acclimated to the outfit and its weight.” “Therefore, it is not about what other people believe they know about you; the only thing that matters is the tone of your voice. Even though it makes one feel exposed and vulnerable, it also gives one a sense of freedom.”

In an episode of The Masked Singer, Jackson reveals how his children responded to the news that their father would be going on the show, how he prepared for the role, and how it felt to have Jason Landau by his side throughout the process. 

Jackson even claims; “I had a few friends who had done it in the past and had fantastic experiences, but I didn’t follow it as if it were some cults or anything like that. I was given a call, and as soon as I hung up, I dialed my husband’s number to inquire, “What do you think??” It has a creepy and vulnerable air, which contributed to my feeling of unease around it. Because I am always terrified of doing anything, it usually means that the time has come for it to be done finally.”

“As a vocalist, I’m not exactly a household name yet. When I was younger, I had a successful career on Broadway, but these days, I’m perhaps best recognized for my work in television. Therefore, I reasoned that this would be an excellent opportunity to put on a show, play a role, have some fun with my children, and go on an excursion. It was in every way a beneficial and enjoyable adventure. I was pretty aback by how enjoyable the time I had.”

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