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Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot!


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This would be one of the most hilarious and stupendous Japanese manga series which would be streaming on October 11, 2022.

This series could wrap up the whole Japanese series with its mind blogging visual experience and as we all know the first part of the series was serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen manga magazine from December 2018 to 2020. It will be streaming on service crunchy roll on October 11, 2022.

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Get Released? Trailer, Storyline, Cast!

This new expertise in visual treatment is written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. As well known about its first part and the storyline, the second part which we are in much anticipation commenced in July 2022 and consists of eleven volumes. 

The enthralling setting of this series is where the devils are born from human fears. And as we all know the devils are monsters and malevolent and they could incite fear. As we all are well aware of the motion that devils originate from hell and they try to exist between earth and hell.

Here in this series, the plot revolves around something way too different as a boy who is desperately trying to find a way to resolve his uncanny predicament and the twists and turns that happen after his encounter with Pochita, a chainsaw devil. 

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Get Released

Chainsaw Man Release Date

Why this sort of series is famous among the others because of its unapologetic design techniques which would grip the audiences to the last.

It has been really a long road since anime series haven’t published any other subsequent ones, but after much anticipation now anime series is coming up with a new blast that would be a great visual treat on October 11, 2022.

Its following subsequent episodes will premiere in between October and November. 

Movie/Series NameChainsaw Man
GenreAction Fiction, Comedy Horror, Dark Fantasy
DirectorRyū Nakayama, Makoto Nakazono
WriterHiroshi Seko
ComposerKensuke Ushio
Country Of OriginJapan
Original LanguageJapanese
Available LanguagesEnglish
Number of SeasonsOne
First Episode DateOctober 12, 2022 
Upcoming Season Release DateOctober 12, 2022 
Episodes in Upcoming SeasonExpected 12 episodes
Main CharactersDenji/Chainsaw Man, Makima/Nayuta, Aki Hayakawa
Main CastRyan Colt Levy, Tomori Kusunoki, Shogo Sakata
Where To WatchCrunchyroll
Related Series/MoviesSPY×FAMILY, My Dress-Up Darling
Filming LocationMAPPA Studio

Chainsaw Man Where To Watch

This visual festival will be streaming on Crunchyroll from October 11 and with zestful anticipation, this series will have its original Japanese version and also its English dubbed version.

Anime series is always popular for its seldom approach of the plot line and it will always emanate a selcouth idea which would really make the viewers enjoy that too fully.

So on October 11, something deadly promising visual treatment is awaiting us on Crunchyroll. 

 Chainsaw Man Characters

 The prominent character of this animated series Denji or known as Chainsaw Man. For this central character the voice is given by Kikunosuke Toya in Japanese and in English the spectacular voice is by Ryan Colt Levy. 

Makima or Nayuta voiced in Japanese by Tomori Kusunoki and Suzie Yeung in English

Aki Hayakawa is the other important character voiced by Shogo Sakata in Japanese and Reagen Murdock in English.

Power significant character Voiced by Fairouz Ai in Japanese and Sarah Wiedenheft in English

Asa Mitaka and Yoru the characters from its first part have a role in this second part too

Chainsaw Man Characters

Devil Hunters characters are 

       ◾ Kishibe, one of the strongest devil hunter voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda

       ◾ Himeno another ferocious devil hunter voiced by Mariya Ise

       ◾ Kobeni Higashiyama a young woman as a devil hunter, voiced by Karin Takahashi

Hirokazu Arai voiced by Taku Yashiro

The Devil characters are 

      ◾ Angel Devil, a humanoid Devil

      ◾ Beam Devil, a zestful wildly one 

      ◾ Violence Devil, a politely violent fiend

    Pochita Devil is voiced by Shiori Izawa, the Chainsaw Devil

What Could We Expect From The Chainsaw Man 

As we have already watched its first part, we all are well aware of its expertise in the visual aesthetics and the appealing voice of each character.

Though this journey is not something to an unknown place as well are pretty aware of its previous part, this series could bring a way too different plot with mesmerizing visual treatment. 

This could be one of the stupendous creative designs with a different and odd color palette as Crunchy roll media platforms haven’t tried yet.

With an unusual plot and its creative designs, this series could grip the audiences to its last with a massive visual treatment. 

Chainsaw Man Episode Guide

As per the reports, the first episode of this animated series would be streaming on October 11, 2022. By following the next sequence of this first episode on October 18, 2022, the second episode will be premiered. After taking a brief gap, the third episode will follow on October 25, 2022. 

Chainsaw Man Episode Guide

For the fourth episode, we will have to avidly wait till November 1, 2022. Then within a gap of seven days, its subsequent episode will be streaming from November 8, 2022.

And the 6th episode as we speak will be followed soon after November 8 and it will be primed on November 15, 2022.  

Chainsaw Man Trailer 

Being the titular protagonist Denji is in an uncanny predicament as his father died as insolvent. As this series gives primary importance and seeks to advertise its visual expertise rather than its plot.

Though the plot of this series is strong, Crunchyroll media rather gives much more importance to its visual animated treatment.

As well we are aware that much of the details of the plot would not be given in the trailer, it introduces us to the significant character, Denji, and his desperate measures, the devil hunters.

As the trailer follows, we could see the ferocious outrageous fights with the devils, humans, and a gigantic monster who all are in pursuit of achieving their own goals. 

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Chainsaw Man Plot 

The story is obviously taking place where the devils are born when humans suffer from trepidations. As the plot indicates, Denji who is stooped into a selcouth plight as his father died without paying his debts.

In order to find a way to make his encumbrances resolve Denji searches for desperate measures.

Devils are commonly malevolent and ruthless monsters without any tinge of mercy and benevolence.

But there is a loophole in this story that desperate and frustrated humans can shake their hands with the devil and could form contracts with these devils in order to use their powers.

But at the same time, there would be other individuals who are in pursuit of hunting these devils and employing them.

These strange incidents take place in 1997 and there is a reference to an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union and their egotistical and megalomaniac attitude erased every tiny thing. 

As the plot unfolds Denji’s father would be a devil hunter and he owes Yakuza a hefty amount. His sudden disease causes Denji in trouble as he inherits his father’s debt.

Surprisingly he would be aided by an astounding canine and companion, Pochita the chainsaw devil. 

Things take into action when Denji happens to meet Pochita and they decide to make a contract by merging Denji with Pochita and as a result, they would become Human-devil Hybrid.

But the only condition that was put forth by Pochita was that Denji should unfold and show his dreams to Pochita. 


The story takes us on a long road with many events, and turns and Denji is now a member of the team of the governmental hunters.

As Denji got a hand with Power, the Blood fiend and self-destructive join forces and they kill the Gun Devil who was responsible for a massive massacre that happened in human history, a ruthless perpetrator. 

Moreover, as the story unfolds, Denji inadvertently commences a romance with a woman who is indeed a Hybrid spy for the Soviet Union named Reze.

Though this is a visually experienced creative animated series, most of the sequences hold a humanistic approach.

The rest of the story will be known after watching the whole series and avidly we should wait for October 11 to experience the visual fantasy that has been waiting for us.

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