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Cardi B And Offset Revealed Why They Gifted $50,000 Cash For Daughter Kulture Birthday!


On Sunday, Cardi B and Offset celebrated their daughter’s fourth birthday by taking her to Candytopia and handing her $50,000 in cash as a birthday present.

Cardi B and Offset aren’t the only celebrities that give their daughters coloring books, crayons, and phony fairy wings for their birthdays. Kulture Kiari Cephus, the couple’s adorable daughter, turned 4 on Saturday, July 10.

Cardi B And Offset Revealed Why They Gifted $50,000 Cash For Daughter Kulture Birthday!

On Offset’s Instagram Story, Kulture, the couple’s daughter, can be seen leaning out the window of a black SUV and begging her father to buy her cotton candy. After a few seconds, she had a stack of money in her hands.

“What is that?” Cardi inquired in the background as she sat in the SUV, smiling.

Cardi B And Offset Revealed Why They Gifted $50,000 Cash For Daughter Kulture Birthday!

“Ticket” is slang for a million dollars, and the birthday girl responded by calling the stack of cash “ticket.”

“It’s a ticket?” the Migos rapper shot back. A ticket is worth a million dollars, my dear. That’s fifty. “Say the number 50.”

During their visit to Candytopia, the foursome, including Kulture and the couple’s 10-month-old son Wave, shared videos of the festivities on their Instagram Story.

In the rear of a high-end car, Kulture was beaming from ear to ear—and with good reason! The video begins with Offset attracting Kulture’s attention from the street. In his voice, he pleaded, “Birthday girl, birthday girl.

Asked if he would get her some cotton candy, her father said, “Yes. “I’m going to get you some cotton candy,” I promise. Video then shows Kulture clutching a stack of cash, eventually revealed to be $50,000 split into five $10,000 stacks!

She then inquired, “What is that?” her daughter. Inquiringly, she inquired of her mother, who was also standing outside of the car, “A ticket?” A ticket is a million dollars girl,” Offset stated to her after that. That’s a total of 50. “Say the number fifty.” In one instant, Kulture said to her dad, “50.”

If I was dressed like an expensive bitch and had my kid dressed like an unemployed bum, you’d be talking s—t, too,” Cardi B shot out at the critics. Since the baby has a Birkin, I’m fine with it. She’s going to be just like her mother.”

During a March trip to Disneyland, the parents also clothed their daughter in a $2,400 Balenciaga ensemble.

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