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Cardi B Tutorial!!! Reveals How To Change Diapers With Super Long Nails…


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No matter how long her nails are, there is no way to stop Cardi B when it comes to changing a diaper. She is unstoppable. Cardi B, who is 29 years old, responded to the inquiry by saying, “Okay girl, so I just produced a complete video,” while including three laughing emojis in her response. In a clip with long red nails in the shape of stilettos, the onesie that Cardi is wearing has its zipper undone, revealing the teddy bear’s diaper. 

New Diaper For Teddy Before Snapping The Onesie

She demonstrates how she uses the diaper as a wipe in situations where there is “too much feces.” She continues, “You always want to make sure you clean the butt cheeks,” as she grabs a nearby wipe and begins cleaning her chin. She is accompanied by her daughter Kulture, who is three years old and whom she shares with her husband Offset, 30 years old.

Cardi B Reveals How She Changes Diapers with Super Long Nails

The rapper from “Up” can successfully put on a new diaper for Teddy before snapping the onesie. She despises Clipping it” the most out of all the parts. The fact that she has two children may have a role, but she can’t say for sure. It may be because she started wearing fake nails when she was ten years old. Cardi B tells Kulture that “doing that to the bear” is “a big tale” in response to her question about “doing that to the animal.” At the end of the video, she puts pants on the bear and exclaims, “It’s the time!” “It is getting a little bit challenging at this stage. 

Cardi B announced Wave’s name through emojis and uploaded accompanying photographs of their baby wearing a blue fur coat and a large diamond necklace. Offset also uploaded a shot of Wave, who appeared to be wearing a plethora of jewelry and was beaming a warm smile towards one individual who was not seen in the photo. On announcing the name of his 7-month-old son, Old’s Offset labeled the photo with the phrase “Wave Set Cephus.”

Cardi sent a text message to Kash Doll, she was impressed. Keep her updated on how things are progressing in a week. She appreciates you making me laugh, girl. Wave Set Cephus was born on September 4 and is Offset and Cardi’s first child together. The parents of an 8-month-old infant introduced their child to the world for the first time by announcing his name and presenting him in posts on their own Instagram accounts.

Cardi B has published a video in which she demonstrates how to change a baby’s diaper while sporting her distinctive long fingernails. The woman, a mother of two children, uploaded a video tutorial that showed her practicing on a teddy bear so that she could show internet users how she completes the task so swiftly for her son.


Kash Doll, a new mother, questioned Cardi B about her parenting experience on Twitter. She wrote: “Aye Bardi, she is completely mystified how you can change a diaper with only your fingernails. When the WAP singer was asked for instructions, she responded by uploading a video of herself performing the task in question. When Cardi B released her video on Twitter, she included three laughing emojis beside it. On the other hand, cleaning up after boys is more challenging than cleaning up after girls because guys have larger surface surfaces and numerous crevices.”

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