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Brittany Cartwright Confirms She Has Fallen Out With Stassi Schroeder!!


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The absence of Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor at the Italian wedding of Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark caused implications for their respective romantic partnerships. “Some interactions take place between Stassi and me that she finds abhorrent. I admire her to the ends of the earth and beyond. During an interview for the podcast “Betches Moms,” Cartwright, who is 33 years old, expressed her wish that she, Scheana Shay, and Lala Kent could figure this out together.”

Brittany Cartwright Confirms That She And Stassi Schroeder Have Fallen Out!!

The wedding occurred on May 12 in Rome, and Clark and Schroeder said the vows. Cartwright and Taylor, both 42 years old, were both extended an invitation despite their limited financial resources.  “They have confirmed their attendance by replying “yes” to your invitation. And anytime we got close to them, they would always say, “We’re coming,” which was very annoying. 

Brittany Cartwright Confirms She Has Fallen Out With Stassi Schroeder

Later, it continued to happen after Clark indicated he had screenshots of texts from other participants showing Taylor he would not be attending the ceremony. Still, this time it was a different person, “Schroeder said. She mentioned this approximately two weeks before the wedding. “And she explained that they need to discuss this with them because she is not playing this game,” she explained. 

She ensured that we received everything that we required, including seat assignments and place cards, in plenty of time before the event. As a consequence of this, she is curious as to whether or not she should make a quick request to rearrange the components.

He answered, “Friends don’t act like one another. They will not discuss your approaching wedding with other people behind your back, nor will they explain to others why they will not be in attendance. That would never happen to someone’s friend.” On the other side, Cartwright stated during her podcast interview on Monday that she “wanted to be there” and insisted on being present at the event.

The person born and raised in Kentucky stated, “She would never, ever do something on purpose like that.” They had several valid reasons for not being able to attend, but those were never brought up in the conversation. My mother had to return home since there was a death in the family, much like Cruz’s passport didn’t arrive on time. 

Brittany Cartwright Confirms She Has Fallen Out With Stassi Schroeder

In other words, she is referring to the fact that we were unable to attend the wedding due to unanticipated events in our lives. However, she is aware of how awful she feels and how much she regrets holding off on being there for someone she genuinely considers to be one of her closest friends until the very last moment. 

She is confident that they will be able to talk with Stassi Schroeder about the situation and figure out a way to resolve it at some time in the future. Why? Because I have always envisioned our kids growing up together in the neighborhood.” They are the parents of Cruz Cartwright and Taylor Schroeder, both 14 months old, and Hartford Schroeder, who is 17 months old and is Cartwright and Taylor’s son.

 In her wedding gown, she looked breathtaking because they were nothing short of spectacular, “According to Cartwright. “Also, she knows how enjoyable the event would have been having she been there. 

It seemed like she was racing against the clock, desperately trying to get there in time. As a consequence, she had no idea what had taken place, but she was troubled by it all because acting in such a manner is not consistent with who she is. Her one shred of optimism is that we will be able to have a conversation about it, figure out a solution to the problem, and move on with our lives.


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